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Acro Yoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga that uses gymnastic techniques to build strength, flexibility, trust and teamwork between partners. Once the basics are mastered, one takes to the air with an acrobatic flying sequence – playful, safe, supportive environment, inspiring you to put all your fears aside and soar!

Our experience:

For this specific class we decided to team up with the very talented Dom, founder of the gorgeous foodie blog, My Bread and Almond Butter for an Acro Yoga class at AIR Yoga in Woodstock. Think gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga and dance all rolled into one. We started off the class in the center of the studio and introduced ourselves to our soon to be Acro Yoga partners. The atmosphere was fun, friendly and completely relaxed. Our instructor Isabel and her partner gave the class a demonstration before each maneuver was attempted. At first these positions seemed impossible, but before we knew it we were flying – literally!

There are three primary roles – the Flyer, the Base and the Spotter. The Flyer is the individual who is elevated off the ground by the Base and can move into a series of dynamic positions. We felt like we were trapeze artists, but a little less risky. The Base is the individual who supports the flyer and has full contact with the ground. Lastly, the Spotter’s entire focus is on making sure the Flyer lands safely in case of anyone falls. According to Marisa, Nicole wasn’t the best Spotter they’d seen – her version of being on standby incase of an emergency was not letting go of the person at all and pretty much holding them up in every position. Then again, it’s extremely hard to put all your trust and body weight into the hands of a stranger, so you can understand our concern. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in positions which are a little close for comfort – there is no doubt that you’ll have to adapt quickly to a lot of bums, boobs, feet and fannies in close proximity. Sorry Dom, you got more than you bargained for but at least you know us a little more intimately now.


An innovative form of exercise to challenge your trust, strength and flexibility with no prior experience necessary! For evening classes underground parking is available – first come first serve basis.

Price: R100 drop in – monthly discounted prices available.
Contact: Email: Tel: +27 (0)76 908 2898
Location: The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
Social media: Facebook: Air Yoga  Twitter: @airyogact

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