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From surfers to superfood gurus – these Capetonian Glen Beach locals, Warren and Gavin, are the proud founders of Wazoogles, a plant-based superfood supplement that is currently making waves in the health and food industry!

Sick and tired of witnessing large food companies pull the wool over consumer’s eyes, they decided to develop their own product – a product where the front of the pack is as honest as the back. These Superfood Protein Shakes are meal replacement smoothies made from the purest, most ethically sourced, nutrient dense superfoods around the planet, packed with plant-based protein, living enzymes, vitamins and vital nutrients, without any fillers, artificial colours or flavourants. It’s all about “nutrition without compromise” with these guys!

Our experience:

We got to meet the creative brothers behind the plant-based protein product, which they literally started in their garage, and now just over a year later stock over 100 stores nationwide. Each product is packed with all the essential minerals and nutrients that are scarce in most of our foods mass-produced by agricultural industries. Yip, as the old fogies keep telling us… we don’t get the same amount of goodness from our fruit and veg like we used to in the good old days!


With its quirky, fun and original packaging – these guys have even gone as far as parading their real life mascot – a “unicorn” on the Sea Point promenade! We have pics to prove it…


Warren, someone who eats, sleeps and drinks health and wellbeing has taken his personal health struggles as a motivator to produce a product that actually contains everything stipulated on the ingredients list. Along with Gavin’s creative background in photography, they make the perfect team. They’ve made it their mission to sift through the shizzle and give us health conscious folk some hope, as it seems that every product on the market these days are out there just to make a quick buck and essentially con you into believing their ingredients are “healthy” and of high quality.


So, why superfoods you may ask? Superfoods are the most mineral and nutrient dense organic foods on the planet, easily absorbable and useable by the human body.

We got to try out each different flavour, adding ingredients like bananas, fresh berries, nut butters and seeds. We came up with some pretty cool recipes, so will definitely share these with you on the next post. The actual powder is pretty bitter, but this allows you to add raw ingredients that are a little sweeter, like dates, honey or grapes. See all the flavours below that you can add to your daily morning smoothies.

Chocolate Moondust | Kungfu Coffee

 Unicorn Berry |  Vanilla Sky

Packs contain the following superfoods and more:

Raw Cacao – “The Mayan food of the Gods”
Chia – “The gold of the Ancient Aztecs”
Hemp – “The plant of life”
Maca Root – “The Incan warrior powerfood”
Mesquite – “Native American white carob”
Lucuma – “The creamy Peruvian superfruit”

Did you know: Almost every single protein shake out there is filled with dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals, non-nutritive sweeteners and animal derived (whey) protein which is full of antibiotics and hormones from the dairy industry, as most people don’t even know that whey protein comes from commercial cows milk.


There’s an exciting new addition to the Wazoogles family – Plant Power! Packed with Moringa Leaf, Spirulina and Baobab Fruit – the ultimate power superfood punch!


Keep your eyes peeled as Wazoogles are launching a new website, www.wazoogles.com, a platform to educate us clueless clowns on all things that encompass living a healthier lifestyle, providing regular recipe blog posts from their team of professional athletes, doctors, nutritionists and food psychologists.

Price: R495 (930G)
Purchase: Online
Contact: Contact page
Website:  www.wazoogles-2.myshopify.com
Social Media: Facebook: Wazoogles |Instagram:  @wazoogles 

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