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As those of you based in London will be well aware, there was recently a major tube strike leading to a closure of all Underground lines. As a result, following a briefer after-work gym session, I decided to walk home instead of braving the havoc that was sure to become of the other means of transportation – sure enough I saw a lot of desperate-looking people packed to capacity on buses (no doubt becoming far too acquainted with their fellow passengers).


Admittedly I live only an hour’s walk from my office (minus the time I spent getting lost) but I can’t convey how refreshing and envigorating the walk was. Like many others in London, I spend a lot of the day during the week underground and indoors. The walk home exposed me to the buzzing city that I’m so lucky to live in – revealing the unique stores, exquisite architecture tucked down side streets, and the collection of diverse citizens.


Many claim walking is the best form of exercise – according to CityMapper (The Holy Grail of London apps), I walked 5km and burned 256 calories. Not just brilliant for toning, walking boasts significant benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as improving sleep patterns.

It’s a great way to clear your mind before/after a day in the office, and the perfect way to fit in some exercise in your day. Having worked out the day before, I just did a forty minute session at the gym -including 15 minutes on the cross trainer, and 35 minutes of core and muscle resistance training – before the walk to ensure I was getting in a full workout.


For those of you that live too far to walk, London is apparently a great place to cycle (I am yet to brave it). If you prefer not to buy your own bike, you can rent Santander Bikes (Boris Bikes) from as little as £2 for 24 hours or, as a member, pay only £90 a year.

Article by: Our Londoner, Emma Naomi van Braningen

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