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Waist Training Belts and Benefits 

We always get excited when we discover new fitness equipment and accessories that benefit our training, bodies and general fitness levels. This specific accessory, the Waist Trainer from Waist Trainer SA has proven to be significantly helpful during Nicole’s pregnancy as keeping fit was a big priority for her. For those that have suffered from back injuries, have core issues or just need that extra support, these training bands (if used in the correct way) can drastically help with overall strength, posture and stability.

Waist Trainer SA not only offers bands for training, they also have a variety of different products for waist shaping, smoothing and even butt enhancement panties for that bubble butt effect. Waist Trainer SA has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable South African online stores through its growing success on social media.

Nicole’s experience:

Being pregnant and suffering with lower back pain made training a little tricky. So when my personal trainer, Scarlet Jackson  at Virgin Active in Claremont suggested I try out the Waist Trainer Belt that she uses while training for extra support and stability, I was intrigued to get more info on the benefits and put it to the test. Scarlet, has been a personal trainer for over 7years now and has always been a huge fan of incorporating waist-training belts for those clients that are in need of a bit more support – especially preggie mommies like me. I would wear the belt for the duration of my 45 min training session and would take it off to stretch. The waist band is durable, super comfortable and sits snug around your hips – allowing for your ever growing belly to pop out the top, but still giving you the lower back support you need. I felt it helped drastically with keeping the correct form during each exercise, forcing you to correct your posture by restricting incorrect movement. My lower back felt supported and it helped to alleviate a lot of the downward pressure on my pelvis and hips, which allowed me to keep up my training until the beginning of my 3rdtrimester.

Just like how you wear a sports bra to support your babalons, a waist-training belt is used to support your belly, back and hips while working out. This was really one of the best investments I have made while pregnant, along with my pregnancy-sleeping pillow of course.

Also, check out the postpartum Belly Binda for that extra support after giving birth.

Benefits of wearing a waist trainer during your exercise routine:


  1. Encourages better posture, by restricting your movement to some extent

Waist trainers help to limit your movement to some degree and in turn helps promote better posture, making slouching a little more difficult. They act as reminders to adjust your posture.

  1. Provides back and spinal support

The waist trainers are designed to support your back, especially your lower back while training as well as relieve back pain. It also helps to prevent spinal cord injuries.

  1. Helps you to get the most out of your workouts

It’s a good idea to work on strengthening your core when you’re wearing a waist trainer for the best results. A waist trainer should not take the place of strong core muscles; rather they should complement each other. It’s designed to provide firm compression during vigorous movement and will help you sweat harder for a more effective workout.

  1. They can be worn after pregnancy for support

It’s very common to have decreased core strength weeks after birth. This is because the muscles and ligaments that were stretched during pregnancy need time to heal. Many women still need the support that bellybands give. In fact, many women find it very helpful to continue having belly support to decrease discomfort, assist healing any separations of the abdominal muscles, and help them get back on their feet after pregnancy.

  1. Helps with sacroiliac (SI) joint pain

SI joint pain can happen during pregnancy. This type of joint pain can happen due to an increase in a hormone that causes the hip joints to become loose and less stable. Basically, it’s a sharp and sometimes excruciating pain in the lower back adjacent to the tailbone. These bands support this area and help stabilize the joint, which may prevent pain during activities.

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