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By Ash FitMom

Fitness shouldn’t have an off-season and we all know the saying, “summer bodies are made in winter”. So we’ve got the inside scoop from our Fitness expert, Ash FitMom to give us helpful tips to keep motivated this winter.

  1. What are your top toning tips for women who don’t enjoy exercising in winter?

Toning cannot really be achieved without performing some kind of physical activity as it occurs as a result of losing the fat covering the muscle, building some more muscle, or a combination of both. Here are my top tips for toning throughout winter without needing to spend hours plodding away in the gym:

  • Stay hydrated. 6-8 glasses of water per day.
  • Watch your diet. Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean you need to turn to comfort foods! Plan ahead so you never get starving and so you always have a healthy snack on hand.
  • Be aware of good and bad carbs. Steer clear of white, processed carbs such as white bread, pasta, pastries etc.
  • Limit alcohol to weekends.
  • Perform a 20-30 minute HIIT workout at home 3-4 times per week. This can either be a full body workout or you can choose specific areas to target.


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  1. For women who prefer exercising outdoors to the gym, cold, dark mornings and evenings make it hard to fit in the same quality of workout they may have been able to enjoy in summer. What should they do to ensure they still get a great workout this winter?

Yes, mornings and evenings are cold and dark which makes it very hard to fit in the same quality of workout. If you have a lunch hour then this is sometimes a nice time to fit in a good outdoors workout/run and by this time of day, the conditions are often perfect for being outdoors. I would suggest doing this twice a week. A slightly later run on a Saturday/Sunday morning is also a nice option.

On the days when this isn’t possible, a quick home workout is the next best option. This can be done in your lounge, you do not need a lot of spaceand equipment is minimal. There are so many workouts available online, alternatively you can contact me to put something together for you which will target all the areas you want to work on.

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  1. With the rising cost of living, many women are cancelling their gym contracts. What are a few ways to get fit without an expensive gym membership?

There are so many ways to get fit without having to splash out on a gym membership. For basic cardio, running and cycling are your best options. There are many clubs/groups which always have club runs/cycles which you can join so you feel safe. Do some research as to what’s available in your area.

In terms of strength training, home workouts are incredibly effective for women. Minimal equipment is required and you can get a seriously good workout in, in just 20-30 minutes. As previously mentioned, you can google what you’re looking for and lots of options will pop up. You just need to find what’s right for you. Alternatively, you can get a professional to put a training schedule together for you which is tailored to your needs.

Many private fitness studios do not require contracts so this enables clients to drop in as and when they feel like it. I think this is a nice option for people who do not want to be tied into anything but who enjoy a group workout now and again.

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So for example, you could do the following:

Mon: Run

Tues: Home workout

Wed: Yoga (drop in at studio of choice)

Thurs: Home workout

Friday: Run

  1. How can busy career women and moms fit in good workout when time is not on their side?

It is so easy to not prioritize exercise. However, in order to get the most out of everything that we do, we need to be healthy. As a mom of two boys and also running my own business, I understand the constant pressures of “life.”  It is not always easy to find time to exercise yet I always make a plan. Here are some tips to make sure you do not miss that workout:

  • Schedule your workouts for the week into your diary on a Sunday night. These are important appointments with yourself which should not be cancelled.
  • Sign up for classes (if you’re a member of a gym/fitness studio) ahead of schedule so that you can’t cancel last minute otherwise you will be charged.
  • Create a shared/joint calendar with your partner. This will enable you both to see each others schedules for the week. Ensure your training slots are mutually convenient and if they aren’t, re-negotiate your times.
  • Explain how important exercising is to you to your partner so that you have his full support. This means that he will also hold you accountable because he knows how much you gain from this one hour of alone time.
  • Do whatever it takes to make it happen – wake up early, train in your lunch hour, run from home to your child’s school to fetch him/her (then Uber back). There are so many ways to make it happen and at the end of the day it is up to you.
  • Track your progress to stay motivated.
  • Even a walk around the block or a 20 minute workout in your lounge is better than nothing. We all have days when things are very chaotic. When this is the case, add a shorter workout into the mix.

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