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With summer season on our doorstep, we brought in the expert to share her all-time favourite moves to transform that frumpy bum into one perky tush. Enter our local bootylicious trainer Rushtush, with a badass booty and perfect pout that would even put Beyoncé to shame.

This foxy lady is a force to be reckoned with, possessing all the talented traits to rival the infamous Hollywood celeb trainers. We recently experienced this first hand after being roped into one of Rush’s personal training sessions at Tullbagh Centre in Cape Town. She gave us a taste of her new summer e-book workouts, which are available to purchase online. Our burning booty’s were testament that she had the solutions for toning, tightening and strengthening.


The kettlebell is the go to medium of choice for Rushtush, not only does the kettlebell build a strong posterior, it strengthens the core, engaging all the muscles from head to toe. Using a kettlebell goes beyond the aesthetic by adding brute strength to the hips, quads, lower back, calves and glutes. It also engages both aerobic and anaerobic systems, meaning you can work out for less time, with maximum benefit.

Rushtush shares her key booty-burning exercises that can be done at the gym, outdoors or in the comfort of your own home. So get squatting girls!


1. Single-leg deadlift  X 12-15 each leg
Standing with your feet together,  hold the kettle bell in both hands and rest it on your thighs. Engage your lats, core and quad as you lift your one leg off the floor. While maintaining a balanced posture, bend at the hips while lowering the kettlebell slowly below the knee. Keep your chest upright and do not bend your back. The bend should happen on the standing leg. Reverse the movement to standing. The movement is slow and controlled throughout.


2. Double Arm Kettlebell Swing X 20-30
Stand over the kettlebell with your legs wide apart, bend at the pelvis, sticking your butt out while maintaining an open chest, always look ahead, not down at the kettlebell. Lower your butt as far back as you need to to reach the kettlebell. Keep your arms straight while reaching for the kettle bell and lift off the floor. Start with the knees bent and the bell in between your thighs, thrust your hips forward whilst swinging the kettlebell shoulder height. The movement is powerful and explosive.


3. Kettlebell Single Hand Reverse Lunge X 15 each leg
Standing with your feet together hold the kettlebell in your right hand. While maintaining a straight back, lunge backward while bracing your core and the integrity of your shoulders, bend your right knee. Reverse the movement to standing. The movement is controlled throughout.


4. Medicine Ball Side Step Squat X 15 each leg
Holding a medicine ball on your chest start in a wide low squat, take a step out to the side, while maintaing a low squat, as you step out, squat deeper. Repeat to start position. The movement is steady and controlled.

Repeat all exercises without taking a break in-between movements. Repeat the circuit 4 times with a 30 sec/1 min break in-between sets. 

This set is designed to work your entire lower body. If you are fairly fit I would recommend doing a 3 min run after the 4 exercises, have the break then start again. Please make sure you have warmed up at least 10 minutes prior to beginning lifting weights. Don’t forget to stretch after the workout too.


Not only can you join Rush’s group training sessions at her women-only studio, Glow in Cape Town, she has created a thorough step by step ‘Newbie Body’ training guide, which is designed to help you build a strong and sound foundation in just 8 weeks. With summer approaching, Rushda is furiously putting in the hours working on getting as many women as possible ready for hotter days. You can read about her #summerprepwithrushtush initiative and options here.

Price: Group sessions at Glow: R1000 for 8 sessions | Contact for entire price list.
Contact: Email: Tel: +27 73 234 1388
Location: 9th Floor, Tulbagh Centre, Hans Strijdom Street, Cape Town
Social Media: Facebook: Rushtush |  Twitter: @Rushtush | Instagram: @Rushtush


Rushtush will not be held liable for any damages or injuries that may occur when performing the BEACH BOOTY WORKOUT. If you are pregnant or suffer from any medical and or back injuries, please consult your doctor before partaking in any fitness program.

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