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YogaLife is a trendy lifestyle yoga studio based in Cape Town offering a variety of yoga classes including Power, Vinyasa, Bikram and Sculpt. These classes are available to students at all levels – beginners through to advance.

Our Experience:

YogaLife has been around for quite some time and after coming across a few diehard fanatics we were very inquisitive to see what the hype was all about. Confession – we have both tried out YogaLife classes a couple of years ago but our vague memories of the city yoga hub were a bit of a busy blur. So, we chose 6 different instructors and managed to fit in a few peaceful classes before the crazy festive season kicked in.

Being typical Capetonians who despise driving distances further than the corner café, we made our way to our first class and arrived a bit cranky after taking 30min to drive 4km in rush hour traffic. The parking was a bit of a mare, which added to our frustrations, but as soon as our class with Claudia Uffhaus kicked off, our childish tempers evaporated and our anxious tension turned to peaceful breathing as we got lost in our one hour Vinyasa class.

Our Saturday morning power session was a little sweaty to say the least and if flowing in a pool of your own sweat is how you like to end off your power sesh then this class is definitely for you (in our case, the wetter the better!). Should your eyes drift you’ll find yourself surrounded by an abundance of eye candy, crop tops, abs and perfect pouts – you are literally mat-to-mat with some of the hottest humans in town (no biggie). You might want to dodge this session if you’re a little claustrophobic and not a fan of crowds, as this is one seriously popular class! Upon leaving the heated room the sweet smell of sweat greets you, reminding you that hard work was definitely achieved.

You are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to instructors, not only are they highly trained but are incredible mentors, motivators and inspirational yogi gurus, who are able to positively elevate your mood, no matter how mizzies you may be!

Try out the following instructors for either a stress-free spiritual session or a mean full body workout:

Chantal Cohen: Vinyasa

Dave Porter: Power Yoga

Joelle Sleebos: Sculpt

Richard-Dean Sumares: Primal Flow

Amy Toerien: Power Yoga

Claudia Uffhaus: Vinyasa


We chatted to a few of the locals to find out why exactly these classes attract the crowds, of which most raved about the following:

  • The heated yoga classes (as not all studios in Cape Town provide this)
  • Frequency and variety of classes
  • Instructors – everyone seemed to have their favourites
  • Affordable
  • Perfect if you want to practice regularly and have the option of different yoga classes and instructors
  • Shower facilities
  • The space is light and sound proof from the city rush helping you to get lost in a trance
Price: See rates here
Contact: Email : | Tel: 021-418-2884
Location: 127 Waterkant Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town,
Social Media: Facebook: TheYogaLife | Instagram: @theyogalife

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