The Flying Pan

The Flying Pan understands that modern lifestyles are demanding, resulting in less time for grocery shopping, food preparation and cooking, so they’ve created a simple and convenient solution by delivering healthy and delicious lunches and dinners to your door, FRESH everyday!

Our experience:

When you’ve hacked it out all day and finally get home to put your feet up and chill, the last thing you feel like doing is getting into the kitchen to cook up a storm or prep tasty lunch meals for the next day. Being innovative after work hours is a real struggle and the hardest part is deciding on what to cook that is nutritious, tasty and more importantly, suits the taste buds of the whole family (not to mention selective requirements like Banting, vegetarian and all kinds of intolerances and allergies).

So when we heard about The Flying Pan, who pride themselves on making tasty, wholesome chef-inspired lunches and dinners delivered to your door (without the mission of sweating over a stove every evening), we had to try it out! The thing is, we couldn’t wait until dinner to tuck into these delicious premade meals – they were devoured within seconds of delivery! So our ‘dinner deliveries’ were more like a midday munch-box!

We were super impressed with the portion sizes (very important for us hangry birds), the variety and especially the taste! Sometimes we find premade meals to be artificial, bland with little or no flavour, but seasoning is totally not necessary with these meals.

The order process is pretty simple too, just visit the website,, add your dishes to your cart, proceed to checkout and choose from one of their multiple payment options. Boom!



For your convenience, you can find detailed information about individual dishes, including ingredients, allergens, grammage and even customer ratings.

Price: R60 per meal.
Contact: Email: | Tel: 081 385 5589 | Online contact.
Social Media: Facebook: @theflyingpanCT | Twitter: @theflyingpan_ct  Instagram: @theflyingpan_ct 

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