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Meet Gabriella, the Queen of fine confectionary. Not only is she extremely talented and successful heading up her own empire at the early age of 22, but she is also very easy on the eye (just like her delicious guilt-free baked treats). She caters for those who are gluten, wheat and/or sugar intolerant with her wide range of healthy delights, but for those who want the best of both worlds, Gabriella is not shy to whip up some scrumptious chocolate goodies, oozing with rich, sugary goodness.

There are two things that inspired me to start Bake… The first would be my dad, who runs a successful deli, and showed me the importance of mealtime between family and friends. The second would have to be the famous Ladurée bakery, which I discovered on my gap year in London. I fell in love with their macaroons and I told myself, if I can learn how to make these sweet gems then I can do anything!

The protein range is something I developed to curb those never ending sweet cravings. People don’t realize how much protein they actually need on a daily basis, so these treats are a simple and yummy way to consume your every day protein needs. They are all sugar free, low carb and extremely delicious. The range includes Protein cookies, ice cream, bites and brownies.

I think what sets Bake. apart from other bakeries is the fact that I strive to accommodate each clients individual needs, cravings and requests. I will do my very best to deliver exactly what their bellies and hearts desire. I also use ingredients that are as natural as possible-quality is key!

My 2 favourite healthy baked snacks would have to be my famous Chocolate chip protein bites and my flourless chocolate brownies. These brownies still contain sugar (very little though) and they are just so good if you feel the need to indulge.

My go-to meal when I’m on the run would be 2 boiled eggs with cottage cheese. It may sound a little gross, but it’s quick, easy and filling. If I am still hungry then I’ll have a teaspoon of roasted almond butter (Yum).

My cheat day would be a toss up between a juicy ostrich burger with avocado, caramelized onion, goat’s cheese, sweet potato wedges and chilli poppers, or a slab of Topdeck Bubbly! Yes please! These will always be accompanied by a few glasses of red wine or Spritz Aperols (Marisa had a part to play in this).

My mornings kicks off at 6:15 to prep and source ingredients needed for my baking orders throughout the day. My day is spent baking, packaging and delivering freshly baked goods to Giovanni’s as well as private clients. I am also in the process of launching a healthy protein based ice cream with my business partner, which takes up a lot of preparation and strategic planning time! In the middle of all this I find the time to hit Point Break for an hour session with my personal trainer, Justin Radford (God of fitness).

Breakfast consists of rolled oats with apple, blueberries, chia and sunflower seeds. Two boiled egg whites to top it off. Lunch is generally chicken breast with sweet potato, spinach, broccoli and goats cheese. Dinner is similar to lunch, replacing the sweet potato for avocado and grilled mushrooms

I exercise 5, sometimes 6 times a week. I have recently discovered boxing, which is a great alternative to the treadmill, but my love for weight training overrides cardio any day.

Leading a healthier lifestyle is just changing a few different things from your usual daily routine and getting out of your comfort zone. This is as simple as swapping one of your coffees for a green tea or changing your muesli for rolled oats. It’s all about baby steps and not taking it too seriously. What I love doing is setting health and fitness goals, even if it means adding an extra 15 minutes to my daily workouts or cutting out chocolate for a full week. Achieving these smaller goals make it far easier and manageable.

Get in touch with Bake.
(Fine Confectionary by Gabriella)

Tel: +27 83 670 6767

Bake. operates from Gardens and delivers directly to clients within a 5km radius for free. R5 per kilometer will be charged if destination is further.

Please note that you can also purchase their products via select retailers! Check out website for details.

Gabriella Esposito
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