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Meet Bianca Groenevelt, a bronzed island beauty and a SUP yoga instructor based in Cape Town, who has recently returned home from her travels abroad – SUPing her way down south to give us a taste of what she’s experienced on her tropical island fitness journey. Think clear tropical blue waters, coconut filled palm trees and soft white sand shimmering in the sun – yip, that’s been Bianca’s office for the past 3 years and we are soooooo peanut butter and jelly! Spending most of her days teaching yoga and SUP yoga to the rich and famous on some of the most exotic Pacific Islands that not even the Kardashian’s have stepped foot on!


After completing her 200-hour yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua in 2013, she discovered her love for SUP yoga and decided to complete her training through Paddle Into Fitness in San Diego, California. Bianca has also been certified in CPR, remote medical response, lifesaving and surf rescue jets training – so no need for Hasselhoff and the babes should you start to panic and take a tumble off your board.

“I was on a SUP in Tahiti where I started playing around with some poses, it felt really natural and the element of balancing on the water added a real challenge that was fun at the same time. I fell in love. It just made sense to combine the two.”

Our experience:

With SUP yoga being a huge trend this summer, we couldn’t wait to try out another class. This time we headed out into the icy Atlantic on a hot summer’s evening for a sunset yoga session that would make any rugby jock embrace their inner yogi!

There wasn’t a breath of wind, just the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and the view of the sun setting on the horizon – it was truly magical! Before we entered the water, we were given a detailed briefing on the basics of stand up paddling, stance and paddle techniques. Once we got the gist, we headed out, a little off balance at first, but before we knew it we were paddling like pros feeling the hot air on our skin as we raced towards the sun! Ok, we lie, we weren’t that good and we were in a tidal pool, so we didn’t get that far either! Bianca then eased us into a 1-hour session of complete relaxation, movement and mindfulness.


Bianca makes everything look so damn graceful, transitioning from one pose into the next with such ease. Effortlessly contorting, bending and twisting herself into beautiful yogi poses as us lumps of led tried our best to lift just one toe off the board without falling on our faces! It’s super challenging compared to your usual mat yoga class as you’re constantly trying to stay balanced, so your core is engaged for the entire 60-minute class. You won’t necessarily put on a sweat, but it’s a really nice change from the usual high intensity classes we painfully push through.

While we watched the sun fade into the distance, our yoga practice came to an end, with a short but impactful Savasana to remind us to be mindful during our daily routines. It was truly a bucket list experience, where for just those 60 minutes you are completely focused and present with no other distractions, besides the sound of the ocean and icy salt water splashing on your toes – you can’t get more Zen than that!


Beginners FYI:

  • Prior yoga experience: Basic knowledge
  • What to wear: Something comfortable that you would practice yoga in and don’t mind getting wet: shorts, sports bra, leggings, cap etc.
  • Cliental: Women and men of all ages that are physically fit with a love of water, fitness and yoga at all levels
  • Equipment: Inflatable SUP boards as well as SUP paddles are provided for your session
Prices: Price list here.
Contact: Email: Tel: +27 72 2451209
Location: The One&Only Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town & Camps Bay tidal pool
Social Media: Facebook: SUP Yoga Cape Town | Instagram: @biancajadeyoga

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