Christmas Stuffed Roast Lamb

This has got to be our favourite time of the year – festive feasting, family bonding and spoiling our loved ones with beautiful gifts. When it comes to feasting, there’s nothing better than a roast lamb and this simple twist on the traditional Christmas dish left us drooling once more! This super simple yet insanely tasty stuffed roast lamb is the perfect dish to serve for the family this Christmas. Just another killer recipe from the foodie queen, Candice Wharton, @Cape_Town_Foodie. Thank you for making this festive season so much yummier.

Happy feasting!

Recipe for stuffed Christmas roast lamb

Stuffing ingredients:

Handful of fresh rosemary
Jason’s Bakery sourdough – 3 slices
Juice of 3 oranges
3 tbls cranberry sauce
Handful fresh mint
Clove of garlic
Olive oil
1 small red onion (optional)

Pop all of the above in a food processor and blend until a paste is formed.

For a meat version add one pack of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchant pork sausage to the mix. Squeeze meat out of sausage casing and blend in the food processor with other ingredients.

Buy a large piece of deboned lamb; I always buy mine from Franky Fenner’s. Simply, lay the piece of lamb in an ovenproof dish and place stuffing along the piece of lamb. Roll it up and tie with string. Drizzle with olive oil and pop a few sprigs of rosemary on top.

Roast the lamb in a 180 degree oven for 15-20 mins per 500g for rare, 20-25 mins per 500g for medium rare, 25-30 mins per 500g for well done. Pop a few veggies (carrots, onions and brussel sprouts) around the lamb and roast until cooked through. Once out of the oven, wrap it in tin foil and let sit for 20 mins or so before serving.

If there is any excess stuffing, roll them into bite size balls and roast in the oven with lamb. Stuffing balls are the bomb!

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Recipe created by: Candice Wharton, @cape_town_foody
Photography:  Wellness in the City

Wellness in the City
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