StreamStraws is a South African based company producing a range of handcrafted glass straws as an alternative to the evil plastic straws that are polluting our seas and sadly killing our marine life! Their mission is simple; to reduce the amount of plastic straws used daily across the globe and to replace them with a reusable, eco-friendly alternative.

Our experience:

You may not have realised the huge impact these small plastic tubes have on our environment, but if you simply take a stroll on some of our beautiful beaches this weekend, you’ll notice that straws are everywhere! These little skinny bitches may seem harmless, but they are topping up our landfills and killing off our marine life as they’re often left to float on the surface of the ocean, which is easily consumed by seabirds, fish and other organisms.

We are surrounded in a sea of plastic everyday, with items that are either made from plastic, wrapped in plastic or just housed in it. So when Eva from StreamStraws got in touch with a range of reusable glass straws that are locally manufactured here in Cape Town, we got stuck in and did some research:

The ugly truth about straws:

  • They can’t be recycled
  • Straws are consumed by marine life and cause thousands of deaths every year as they get easily picked up and swallowed
  • When straws get heated up, their chemical make-up changes and releases toxins into your body when reused.
  • Straws contain BPA – a proven harmful chemical in some plastics
  • Plastic degrades (breaks down/disappears) very slowly – this means they have a greater chance of reaching our oceans and polluting our land.
  • It is very harmful to the environment during the manufacturing process of making plastic straws as it uses fossil fuels
  • Plastic straws are one of the TOP 10 littered products picked up on beach clean ups

The straws:

Straws5 The Skinny – used for juices that are a thinner consistency

Straws3The Smoothie – used for thicker drinks like smoothies and milkshakes

Straws4The Bent Set

Straws2The Straight Set

It also comes with a nifty straw sleeve so you can pop it in your bag and take them along with you!

We tend to see straws as a way to avoid germs, especially at restaurants and bars, but then what about the rest of the previously used items we eat off of, like plates, spoons, knives and forks? Hmm, thought so! So next time you’re offered a plastic straw you can either politely decline or just take out your own private collection.

Happy sipping!

Oh and while we at it, if this article’s made you want to be a little more environmentally friendly – check out how easy it is to start recycling today: Recycle1st 


StreamStraws are made out of borosilicate glass, rendering it extremely durable, therefore each straw comes with a lifetime guarantee, giving the user an eternity of sipping pleasure. It’s suitable for all ages, resistant to thermal shock and is also dishwasher friendly.

Price: Online here.
Social Media: Instagram: @streamstraws 

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