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Always wanted that perfect Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge Forrester smile? Well, look no further – BriteSmile is an advanced teeth-whitening procedure that will not only give you the confidence to strut your stuff at Village Idiot this Saturday night, but will also save you the expense of having to get those nasty Donald Trump veneers. We spent a few weeks tracking down our teeth-whitening victim, trying our best not to insult anyone along the way. We finally found the one, who jumped at the opportunity to own that ‘BriteSmile’ he’s always dreamed of.

Meet Phill – a man of few words and a smile that stretches from ear to ear. This healthy hunk of a man enjoys the simple things in life – a good cup of moer coffee, a ‘glass’ of red wine and a wheatgrass health shot to start off every morning. Regrettably these edibles come at a price – stained, yellow teeth are the unpleasant side effects of having your cake and eating it. Unfortunately in this day and age, men don’t have an excuse for bad hair days and shoddy dental work anymore. Times have changed from white collared Polo shirts and low crotch baggy jeans (thank goodness), to men actually experimenting with fashion trends, going for beauty treatments and taking a little more care of themselves. We think it’s about time our men have a taste of what lengths us women go to, to feel hot (or sometimes just human). So to keep up with the times, we discovered a pretty impressive teeth-whitening technique to transform those tarnished tusks into pearly whites.


Introducing BriteSmile, a teeth-whitening procedure performed in the dentist’s chair, using an LED light with minimal fuss or faffing. Compared with all other products; whitening trays, strips and toothpaste, BriteSmile has proved to be the most effective.

“We have clinical studies which prove that the BriteSmile whitening treatment resulted in an average improvement of 9+ shades whiter!”

What to expect:

  • There is a separate consultation with the lovely Dr. Annabel Tait, before your BriteSmile procedure, to see if you are a suitable candidate.
  • Molds are made for the top-up teeth-whitening trays, for use after the procedure.
  • Your gums and mouth are protected with isolation materials to ensure that the BriteSmile gel does not come into contact with your skin.
  • The BriteSmile whitening gel is professionally applied, by the Dr. Jacky Snyman and activated by the LED light source (this whole procedure takes about an hour).
  • After three 20-minute applications over a one-hour period, the whitening is complete.
  • The protective materials are removed.
  • Rinse and smile!

Phill’s experience:

“I was selected as the lucky ‘victim’ to go for the BriteSmile teeth-whitening procedure and for those of you who know me; this is seriously not something I would do! I was told the whole procedure would take two hours, which it did and that there would be sensitivity for a couple of days after the treatment. The actual treatment was relatively pain free but immediately afterwards it was very sensitive, this only lasted about two days though. BriteSmile was extremely successful and my teeth are still looking good two months after the procedure. The practice is modern and slick with professional friendly staff, who run an extremely efficient operation. Thank you Annabel and Jacky for saving my smile!”


You are also given a top-up whitening kit, consisting of gels and trays to ensure those ivories stay bold and beautifully bright. Even Jake White is the proud new owner of his pearly whites.

Price: The entire procedure is R4000, this includes the custom trays and 9 days supply of bleaching gel.
Contact: Email: Tel:  + 27 21 419 8622
Location: 12th Floor, Picbel Parkade, 58 Strand Street, Cape Town
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