Scheckter’s Organic Energy

Scheckter’s Organic Energy is the world’s first 100% all natural, organic and vegetarian approved energy drink with no artificial additives, colours or flavourants. Scheckter’s energy drink was created by the well known Toby Scheckter, South African born ex race car driver and son of SA’s Formula One (F1) former legend, Jody Scheckter. Working in the motorsport industry and being a regular energy drink user, Toby became tired of all the artificially processed energy drinks on the market. Inspired by his family’s organic farm in the UK, he made it his goal to invent a better, more naturally derived energy drink.

Our experience:

Finally a product that not only rivals the infamous Red Bull and Monster energy drinks, but is far healthier and a lot tastier than other   high caffeine power juices.

Scheckter’s Original is a mix of organic lemon, pomegranate and elderberry – giving you that light berry flavour that is far nicer than those painfully sweet energy drinks that we could only force down if spiked with alcohol!

Scheckter’s Lite is essentially the same, with a 33% lower calorie count, containing no sugar or sweeteners, but instead using natural Agave nectar. It also doesn’t leave that chalky after taste in your mouth and can be drunk before a sports match, a business meeting or in a cocktail while watching the sunset.

Guarana and raw green coffee beans are the active caffeine ingredients used to ensure you get your buzz on. Green tea is also added to the mix, but don’t worry, you can hardly taste it through the fruity sweet flavours of the pomegranate and elderberry. Scheckter’s Organic Energy targets those health conscious individuals with an active lifestyle who are a bit more aware of what they are putting into their bodies. Even though we are not huge energy drink fans, we think it’s a pretty awesome concept and would reach for a Scheckter’s over any other brand on the shelf.

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Scheckter’s have just launched their iced tea range, which come in two flavours: Mint Green Tea and Ginger Green Tea. We have yet to try these bad boys, so please let us know what you think?


Price: R16.95 – R19.96
Purchased: Retailers nationwide
Social Media: Facebook: Scheckter’s Organic Energy |  Twitter: @ScheckterEnergy | Instagram: @Scheckterenergy

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    How do I order straws ?

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      Hi Thabang, apologies for the late reply. Check out Stream Straws and order online:

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