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Although the two of us are technically mothers (to the cutest pooches in town), we just can’t relate to pregnancy and the many changes and challenges that women go through. Enter our inspiring friend and mommy-to-be, Ilze Bylos. Although she juggles being a loyal wife, dear friend and incredibly successful businesswoman, she some how still finds time to be active and health conscious, even during her pregnancy. Check out Ilze’s review on Preggi Bellies below.

Preggi Bellies is the first exercise program to combine the mediBall, weights and step work in pregnancy for a regular controlled cardiovascular workout combined with resistance training and pregnancy specific core stabilization.

Ilze’s experience:

I’m the type of person that likes to keep active as a stress reliever through either running, doing Kayla Itsines or Bootcamp – something that helps me get it all out and reboot the mind for the next crazy busy day ahead. When I fell pregnant I went through a number of different phases: firstly denial, through which I was happily still pushing through those intense Kayla sessions. This was followed by shock and fear of doing anything to damage our chances of a happy healthy baby, followed by exhaustion accompanied with intense hunger. Then one day I woke up and my first trimester was over and all I wanted to do was exercise! They say that walking is excellent but there had to be more to it than that. Gynecologists are also far more pro-exercise these days, so I did some research and I found Preggi Bellies and thought to give it a try.

With only having been walking daily, I was a bit concerned that the class would be high impact and while they say it’s absolutely safe for moms, your instinct is still to be skeptical as you just want to do the best possible thing for your baby. I enquired via email from their website and was very impressed with the head office service I received. I was called for a compulsory telephone screening where they asked the details of the pregnancy. This was re-assuring. I had to arrive 15min before my first class for a one-on-one demonstration and to make sure I was comfortable. When I arrived there were also a few moms that were about 3 weeks from popping which made me feel like I could do this. The instructors vary from personal trainers to moms themselves and there is even a pregnant trainer.

Each class is slightly different due to the different trainers and their styles – either more aerobic dance or kata-box or resistance training influenced. The hour long session is divided into warm up done on a big ball, which reduces the impact, followed by a more intense aerobic session also on the ball. We literally do jumping jacks while seated on the ball, slightly tilted forward to activate core. The last half hour comprises of combinations of light step work, weights, mat work and resistance training. I liked that I could work my muscles more than just walking without impacting the baby, work up a sweat and can still wake up with a bit of that stiffness. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the trainers level of intensity throughout pregnancy but luckily they encourage you to go at your own pace.

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There is something so special about a class of preggy bumps bouncing on balls, a level of camaraderie with the other moms, it’s really cute and it’s great to connect with other moms – I usually hound them with questions!

Price: R150 per class for 25 classes with a sliding scale in place for bigger packages.
Contact: Email: National: 0860 723 559 JHB: (011) 483 0266 CPT: (021) 552 1414
Location: They have locations in a few key areas across South Africa – please see website for details.
Social media: Facebook: PreggiBellies | Twitter: @PreggiBelliesSA 

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