Top 5 Butt Busting Spots for 2016

Cape Town’s fitness scene is booming and with so much on offer it can be pretty intimidating! So to make it a little easier for you to get that butt into gear this new year, us local lasses have created a list of our Top 5 Favourite Fitness Spots that will really get those juices flowing, perfect for kickstarting your 2016 fitness venture.


SWEAT 1000:
60 minutes of high intensity training catering for the adrenalin junkies and those who need that extra push! Combo of cardio and weight training that will push the boundaries and get you fitter than ever, read all about our experience here: MAKE ME S.W.E.A.T


Tone, tighten and lengthen – an all female gym combining ballet barre work and aerobics for one sweaty full body workout. If you’re looking for the perfect summer bod, this is the place to be: BECOME A BARRE BODY BABE


Become a boxing badass at Mojo Boxing in Sea Point – you’ll be bobbing and weaving like Mike Tyson before you know it! By far the best workout for building stamina, toning and taking your fitness levels to new heights: BOXING BADASS


Cape Town’s trendy fitness hub on the hill, provides a bootcamp style training workout with different stations to target all muscle groups. If you can get over the biceps and wife beaters you’ll have a pretty hardcore workout session: GET YOUR SWITCH ON


EMBARK – Triathlon training:
Take your cardio to the next level with Embark’s triathlon/marathon training programs. Join hundreds of fellow newbies and make it your goal to get back into shape and challenge your endurance, stamina and fitness level. Read all about our experience: OUR 1st TRIATHLON

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