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myUTOPIA is a premium lifestyle yoga, health and fitness studio, designed to fit in with our modern on-the-go way of life. With its versatility and functional flow, one can enjoy access to everything you need for perfect wellbeing, personalised for your particular needs.

Meet Sandi Dekker, photogenic AF and rubs shoulders with the rich and famous (ahem, insert casual pic with Wyclef Jean). Sandi is the founder and mastermind behind MyUtopia.

Her philosophy goes a little something like this:

“The idea for myUTOPIA came to me on a yoga mat in Thailand. I believe that life is all about balance, but with the demands and pace at which we live, something always gives. I tend to always sacrifice my exercise or my soul feeding time! The thought of a place where I could just drop into a yoga class, or to take a break while multitasking without having to justify it, seemed like the perfect solution to balancing my life and my serenity. myUTOPIA is that space where people can come to feel liberated, where all you need is the audacity to realise your worth, honour it and make it happen!” ~ Sandi Dekker

Our Yoga Experience:

Hallelujah praise the flexi bendy yogi Gods above, finally, a yoga studio that gives the rest of Cape Town a run for their money.

Pimped out with all the latest equipment and views of the city, Waterfront and Table Mountain, you’re already totally zen before the class has even begun. Clean, contemporary, sassy and slick are words that come to mind when visiting this hip yogi hub at the Waterfront in Cape Town. This plush yoga studio has it all (literally), with so many classes to choose from (heated and non-heated options), there really is something for everyone and anyone (even if you’re not a devoted yogi). From Pilates and Barre to Dance, Meditation and HIIT, you’re seriously spoilt for choice. With its luxury facilities and laid back ‘just drop in’ attitude you get the best of both worlds.


myUTOPIA has been designed to ensure you get to fit your health and fitness needs into your busy schedule with classes running from 6am to 9pm daily, so squeezing in a sneaky Bikram Express class during your lunch break is totally possible.

It’s in the Detail:

They’ve taken everything into consideration and every detail has been thought through, which makes a huge difference to the overall experience. Cold bottled water and a sweat towel are handed to you before entering the studio and after your class, a crisp refreshing infused towel is waiting for you to freshen up. No need to bring a thing to the class, just rock up in your activewear as even the mats and towels are provided.

Changing Rooms:

Changing rooms are equipped with complimentary shower gel, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner (we’re not talking Head & Shoulders either – it’s the good stuff). There is a Blow Go hair bar and a spray tan booth, getting you bronzed and beautiful in 15 min. You literally need a fresh pair of undies, a little gloss and you’re set for the day. If all of this isn’t enough they have a laundry service for those on a premium package – it just keeps getting better and better!

In need of some nourishment? You’re not only able to feed the soul, but your body too. Get feasting at their health Café, Nourish creating a variety of fresh and wholesome meal options.

Oh, wait there’s more!

Their team of in-house wellness gurus, from dieticians and nutritionists to chiropractors and shiatsu therapists are available by appointment. Soon microblading and eyelash extensions will be up and running – it really is the ultimate one-stop shop!

I know we’re killing you here, but this is legit! You can even get your Christmas shopping done too. myUTOPIA stock the following items below:

  • Davines Products
  • Vita Liberata Products
  • Muse Collective
  • Made by Paige
  • Nayiha Swimwear
  • Bro Fitwear
  • Giro Del Mondo

Favourite classes:

A 40-minute high-intensity class usually targeting a specific part of your body (we did  Kayla’s BBG workout).

  • Goddess & Warrior class with Anoushka:

An evening movement meditation class by candlelight. The perfect end to a crazy day of admin, deadlines and work stress. Absolutely loved this class!

  • BarrTopia with Tanya:

Inspired by ballet barre classes, to develop long lean muscles without the bulk. Ps. take your hubby along to this class – seeing him in the first position is priceless.

  • Long and Lean with Anoushka:

Low weights with high repetition, it’s the ultimate workout to tone lengthen and strengthen.

  • Sculpt with either Joelle or Roxann:

Incorporating yoga with weights to sculpt, tone and strengthen. High intensity in a semi-heated room – you’ll love it!


Candlelit Yoga Studio in Cape Town
Evening candlelit class at myUTOPIA

Photography credit: Jenni Elizabeth

Experience myUTOPIA here…


  • It’s not a sweat fest. The heated studio doesn’t smell like you’ve just walked into a giant smelly armpit and classes aren’t as packed as most other yoga studios so you won’t be subjected to swimming in someone else’s pool of sweat.
  • No need to bring a thing. They’ve got you covered; mats, towels, water and equipment. Even the changing rooms are equipped with complimentary everything.
  • The myUTOPIA app. They’ve also developed a nifty app, that allows you to book classes online, gives you class info, schedules and the name of the instructor who’ll be taking the session.
See rates here.
Social Media: Twitter: @MyUtopia_SA: | Facebook: My Utopia SA   | Instagram: @myutopia_sa

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