Mother’s Day the Wellness Way

Mother’s Day is a reminder to shower your mom with love and honour her greatness by treating her like royalty. It’s not only a day of spoils, flowers and fancy gifts, but also a day to show your gratitude and affection to the one woman in this world who can’t be replaced. The woman who may have given you a snot klap when you gave her back chat but would have been the first person by your side when times got tough. This year we wanted to treat our moms ‘wellness style’, which gave us the perfect opportunity to feature a mother and daughter fitness experience. We wanted to do something unique and instead of the traditional champagne breakfast we got these gorgeous ladies to dust off their gym gear and get a little sweat on.

We found the perfect spot to take our moms (who have more aches and pains than we could count on both hands). Sue Frost a Pilates instructor at the White Lotus Pilates and Yoga Studio was totally onboard for our Mother’s Day feature. Sue is an experienced Pilates instructor, who specialises in fascial therapy and is in the process of completing her advanced certification in Lynotherapy.

Sue found Yoga during a very tough time in her life. As a young girl of 12 years old she experienced many struggles in her family life relating to abuse and addiction. Sue was inspired by how her mother found peace through the practice of yoga and it was through being encouraged to attend classes and explore a more mindful approach to life that Sue and her mother developed an incredibly healing relationship. “Yoga brought peace, healing and perspective to my life” says Sue.

Sue was a competitive athlete, horse rider, avid adventure and trail runner. It was through serious knee injuries (ITB , lower back strain) that pushed her to address muscle imbalances and proper training techniques . This has definitely contributed to her vast knowledge of the anatomy and ability to deal with clients who are suffering from injuries. With a degree in development economics, Sue could not help but follow her passion for the human body. She is a certified STOTT and BASI Pilates instructor and has run her own business based in Plett for the past 5 years, training top adventure athletes, trail runners and an international ballerina, Jessica Nupen last December before making the ‘big move’ to Cape Town.

Our experience:

We headed off (with our very nervous moms) to the beautiful and serene White Lotus Wellness Centre for our first mother and daughter fitness experience. On arrival we were welcomed to the studio and given a breakdown of what the class would entail. Sue has a calm and warm nature that instantly made us feel comfortable and forthcoming, especially when having to share our concerns, challenges and goals. Sue is all about promoting healthy life changes and works with everyone’s unique individual needs. It’s not hard to see that she has a genuine desire to find out more about you and your body and to get you back on track. It was such an inspiring session, especially having an instructor who has such a wealth of knowledge about the human body and can share so many heartfelt and inspirational stories. Sue is very attentive in her classes; monitoring your every move and adjusting ones pose to each person’s individual capability.

Sue’s sessions are not for show offs. If you are a beginner just wanting to strut a headstand in your next Instagram post, best you look elsewhere! There is no space for ego in her tranquil space of wellbeing, instead she promotes developing skills and strength without pressure, competition and comparing to others (where has she been all our lives?). We felt as if we could completely trust her with our body – which is pretty rare for us skeptical injury-riddled folk.

Sue hopes to positively influence more women to truly appreciate their bodies by focusing on their personal goals instead of competing with someone else’s. Today’s media negatively influences our perception of body image, along with the fads/trends of the health and fitness industry, which is cluttered with marketers and money hungry businesses that don’t consider each person’s individual needs. The entire experience was extremely motivational. Even our moms have signed up for a few one-on-one sessions.

~ Wellness in the City – inspiring one marvelous mommy one day at a time ~


Sue provides one-on-one Pilates reformer sessions, which incorporates a machine (the reformer) that adds resistance to Pilates exercises via the use of springs. It is generally more intense and more dynamic than a mat based Pilates session. The White Lotus Wellness Centre is also home to an experienced team of wellness professionals. There are a wide variety of therapies on offer, all under one roof, from Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy to Nutritional therapy, Life Coaching and Mindfulness Meditation.

Price: Special rate for May/June group mat classes R800 for 10 sessions (contact for private class rates)
Contact: Email: Tel: +27 81270 2477
Location: 79 Kloof St, Cape Town
Social Media: Facebook: White lotus studio – pilates & yoga  | Twitter: @WhiteLotusCT

Wellness in the City
  • Carol Lupton

    May 11, 2015 at 12:45 pm Reply

    From the Mum with the mostest . My mostest wonderful daughter Nicole > for getting me motivated to start my new health and body regime with the help of someone like Sue whom I can trust and feel comfortable . Thank you for inspiring me . HAPPY DAYS !!!!

    • Wellness in the City

      May 11, 2015 at 1:26 pm Reply

      We are so proud of you!! Such a special day spent with such special ladies xoxo Keep us posted on your progress.. all our love, The Wellness Girls

  • Carol Lupton

    May 11, 2015 at 12:47 pm Reply

    Love it SUPERMUM !!

    • Wellness in the City

      May 11, 2015 at 1:27 pm Reply

      Love YOU!

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