Microblading – The Semi Permanent Brow Trend

Written by: Dr Lauren Knight

Semi-permanent brows- yes please!

Gone are the days of the over plucked brows of the 90s and hello the Cara Delevigne like brows of the now.  Beauty trends all around have acknowledged the power of what a well-shaped full brow can do to your face.

microblading technique on a womens face

Image credit: www.blushsouthafrica.com (Instagram: @blush.southafrica)

Great brows start with the correct measurement and the appropriate amount of hair removal and then of course you may also need to fill in a bit here and there. In our aesthetic practice we are constantly taught that partnering with a great beautician to ensure the correct shaping of the brow is paramount before embarking on aesthetic treatments such as botox or fillers.

So what do you do you may ask when you’ve perfected your shape, but are left with those troublesome “emptier” patches in your brows… Well you used to have to colour it in trying to perfect the brow pencil technique to get hair like strokes, but no more-hello micorblading!

Cue I woke up like this…

Microblading is a technique that uses tiny needles, which make up a blade that is used to deposit pigment into the upper layer of your dermis (more shallow than conventional tattoos) resulting in a semi-permanent tattoo. The blades create single strokes resembling hairs that the pigment is put into while eyebrow tattoos are generally done with a machine and needle.

Woman showing her eyebrows that have recently been microbladed

Image credit: www.blushsouthafrica.com (Instagram: @blush.southafrica)

The technique is semi-permanent in that it lasts 1-3 years, but you will generally need a touch up every year or two to keep your colour fresh. As the pigments are deposited in the upper layers of the dermis colour may fade depending on the quality of pigments used, sun exposure and elements found in skincare products.

Microblading is great if you just want to fill out your brows or correct your shape, but it’s honestly also life-changing for patients with alopecia (hairloss), hypothyroidism or other disorders that typically affect your brows.

The procedure comes with more discomfort than pain as a medical grade topical anaesthetic is applied before the procedure is started. This numbs the eyebrow area so the feeling is more of a scraping or scratch. As the outcome depends on the individual’s technique or experience make sure that you go to a reputable provider. As much as the procedure can be a great addition to your look badly done brows are definitely not contributory.

woman face showing microblading technique

Image credit: www.blushsouthafrica.com (Instagram: @blush.southafrica)

Brows done incorrectly or not to your liking can be corrected, but adverse effects such as pigment reactions and even keloids (exaggerated scarring) can’t. I could not recommend blush more- microblader to me and the stars.

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Lauren Knight

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