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WHO: Marisa and Nicole of Wellness In The City.
LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa
SPECIALITIES: Health, fitness, nutrition

Starksy and Hutch, Tango and Cash, Maverick and Iceman, and now Nicole and Marisa. Two talented, sophisticated women with refreshing honesty and a great sense of humour. They’re using themselves as guinea pigs to find the most enjoyable (and effective) methods in fitness and health – in our mind it’s a great cause and is similar to the goals of The Mantra.Wellness In The City is a smart, refined, beautiful blog that relies on their partnership to investigate the latest trends, both in gyms and on plates. They’ve got a mix of marketing, PR and modelling backgrounds, and they’re both dialled in to the health and fitness scene in Cape Town. In terms of adventure, they’re experienced globetrotters who have done everything from wakeboarding in the Côte d’Azur and dogsledding in the Argentine Ushuaia, to exploring cenotes in Mexico and snowboarding in Monte Zoncolan. They’re role models for anyone who wants more from life, and not just in fitness and health. I’ve joined them for a workout already (my Crawl Project review will be posted soon), and will do more in the future – it’s great to get their take (and a woman’s perspective) on the types of training we’ll try out together. I did a quick Q and A with them to reveal more about the women behind the brand:

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Wellness in the City
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