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This New York City yoga studio is a tribe of strong yogis, creative teachers and students pushing the boundaries of how yoga should feel. Their goal is to keep classes fun and challenging, without sacrificing the peacefulness of yoga. So get ready to flow, sweat, strengthen and stretch!

Our experience:

What initially attracted us to Y7 Studio was their hip hop inspired yoga classes (legendary) but when we made a booking they only had a Vinyasa class on our requested date. So we committed to a session having our reservations – after all we didn’t come all the way to New York to try out something we have access to at home, but as we entered their Flatiron studio, we knew we were in for a unique experience.

The hip little hub on the fourth floor was fresh, funky and gave off that urban trendy vide. Our instructor, Jen Diaz wasn’t your usual over the top Yogi, her vibrant care free energy made us feel extremely welcome and comfortable to let go and just flow. We entered the dark candle lit room (so dark we almost stood on a few students) and managed to find a spot amongst a very full class. The class was slightly heated so we quickly warmed up and got a good sweat on – getting rid of all the tension and toxins built up in our jet lagged bodies.

Jen gave us a beautiful class, bringing meaning to every move and reminding us to relax and unwind through breathe. What was super unique was her choice of music – from hip hop to alternative R&B, we were downward dogging and crescent lunging to the sweet beats of Drake and The weeknd. Now that is how every yoga class should be!



Y7 Studio offers hip-hop inspired yoga classes too. Private and small group instruction is available by appointment. You are also able to rent mats and towels on arrival.

Price: Prices online
Location: New York City Soho | Williamsburg | Flatiron (studio reviewed)
Contact: Email: Hi@Y7-studio.com Tel: (646) 820-0781
Website: www.y7-studio.com
Social media: Facebook: y7studio   Twitter: @Y7Studio  Instagram:@Y7Studio

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