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Summer is here so it’s time to get our glow on girls. Gone are the days of soaking in the sun for hours drenched in baby oil and burning our skins to a crisp. Thankfully we have moved on from those archaic ways and have found new healthier alternatives to getting that bronzed look. We were recently introduced to Le Tan – an Australian self-tan brand that is both vegan and free of oxybenzone, which is one of the most toxic ingredients found in cosmetic products these days. We’ve been using it for a few months now and have loved… sorry LOVED the results.

Here’s why we love a little Le Tan in our lives:

  • Goodbye streaks –with their Le Tan application mitt (a must have) – you won’t need to worry about streaking or your hands turning orange.
  • Colour options– no need to go full tilt on every application, you can use the gradual tanning lotions to slightly darken that pasty skin or the ultra dark products for a once off application that will leave you golden and glowing.
  • Doesn’t smell like cat pee– they use coconut and argon oil as their base so you will smell like an edible tropical fruit.
  • You won’t look like the Oros man– Why? Because they use a green pigment base, so it neutralises the red and won’t turn you into a Geordie Shore contestant.
  • It’s safe to use during pregnancy!
  • It’s affordable and can be purchased at the following stores: Dis-Chem and takealot.com

Reasons to love Le Tan even more…

  • They’re crazy for coconuts with delicious coconut sunscreen lotions and oils with low to high SPF
  • All Le Tan products are free from oxybenzones
  • They love all animals great and small and are against animal testing
  • They look after their vegan clients, offering a selection of vegan friendly products

Our experience:

Our top tips for that perfect tan:

Okay, let’s get to it – how to apply the perfect streak-free tan in minutes? Newbies don’t be afraid – we have faith in you and if you follow these easy guidelines you will be one step closer to looking and feeling like a bronzed tropical jungle warrior! So here’s how you can do it at home, mess-free, streak-free and orange-free:


Shave/wax and exfoliate – preferably 24/48 hours before. Giving your skin a little time to settle.


It’s important to ensure your body is free of all oil based substances and deodorants prior to getting your tan on – so jump in a quick shower before you apply.


Apply some Vaseline or moisturiser (oil-free) to the dryer areas of your body such as ankles, elbows, hands, wrists and knees.


Now time to apply – use the Le Tan application mitt (a hands best friend) to ensure your hands stay protected. Pop the product directly on the mitt first – not on your skin.


Spread evenly all over body (avoiding the hands and feet for now) moving in circular motions, start at your ankles and move upwards from there. If you don’t have anyone to do your back you will have to dislocate your shoulders to get that mitt to cover those hard to reach spots. It’s possible – you can do it!


Once finished, use a make-up pad or an old make-up brush to apply a light tan to the back of your hands and tops of feet. We like to just use the excess on the mitt for these areas too.


If you’re a Newbie and worried you might go too dark – throw some moisturiser into the mix. This blend will ensure your tan remains even whilst lightening the shade. Applies to lotions only, not the mousse products.


Once you’ve finished applying, you may notice some darker areas. Simply buff away at these darker zones until the colours begin to blend. Still worried? Don’t stress, after a luke warm shower and a light towel dry, you’ll have the perfect, even tan.


After application, wait a few minutes and throw on some dark, loose fitting clothes until tan has been thoroughly absorbed into skin. After that, wash off the excess tan and emerge in your tanned glory.


Be sure to avoid contact with all water (including sweat if you can help it) until your tan is thoroughly dry. Keeping your showers luke warm will assist with a long-lasting tan.

 Our favourite product:

Le Tan Self Tanning Foam – Ultra Dark. It develops within 3 hours, so it’s quick and easy, but for best results and an even darker tan leave this on overnight.

Warning: Your bed sheets will take a beating unless you cover them. Use a sarong or something light and soft to cover you and your bed sheets.

Photo credit: Jenni Elizabeth

Purchase: Dis-Chem |  Takealot.com 
Website: www.letan.com.au
Social Media: Facebook: Le Tan | Instagram: @letansouthafrica

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