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Eyelash extensions are the newest revolutionary eyelash treatment which transforms your lashes into longer, thicker, curlier natural looking lashes. Single strands of curved Faux Mink Lashes are applied to each individual eyelash with a specialised bonding agent, creating fuller longer lashes.

Our experience:

When first hearing about eyelash extensions we were very apprehensive – we like things al’ natural! However, I willingly agreed to be the guinea pig for the treatment at Tascha’s Lashes, while Nicole made sure she caught it all on camera.

I must confess that it wasn’t my first lash rodeo, my first experience with eyelash extensions was at Carolyn Cowley Beauty in the Southern Suburbs. With 7 years experience she is renowned amongst the beauty industry for her meticulous detail and excellent course offerings. Turns out Natascha received her training from Carolyn and although she has only been offering lash extensions for a year, she is a true perfectionist and ensures that you are happy with the end result.

“It is so rewarding and brings me so much joy, especially when my clients keep returning for fills and refer their friends to try out my offering,” says Natascha.

I enjoy not wearing make up and the hassle-free convenience of waking up without any mascara residue, which makes this treatment worth every penny. Whether it be for a special occasion or just to show them off to all your girlfriends at book club, you’ll feel confident and pretty…oh, and if you flutter those eyelashes long enough you won’t have a problem getting free drinks at the bar either.

What you need to know:

  • Make sure you go to a credible source and find out if the therapist is using Premium Faux Mink Lashes as the synthetic / plastic lashes are extremely heavy and could damage the clients own lashes
  • Find out about the weight of the lashes as well – a good and generally used weight is 0,15mm. Anything heavier, could compromise your natural lashes
  • Lash extensions can last up to four weeks depending on how well you look after them

Common misperceptions:

  • Loss of eyelashes: The lash extensions will fall out with your natural eyelash cycle – everyone loses an average of 4 lashes per eye, per day and what is quite common, is a fallout phase whereby you can expect more lashes to fall out during the same period
  • Your eyelashes won’t grow back: Due to the natural growth cycle and eyelashes shedding, whilst new ones grow, it is recommended that you go for a fill every 2-4 weeks to keep the lashes looking as perfect as the first full set.  If eyelash extensions were to inhibit the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes, fills wouldn’t even be possible.
  • When you stop getting lash extensions, your own lashes will be shorter and thinner: The eyelash extensions do not affect the growth cycle of your hair during or after you stop the treatment. It has also been proven that there is definitely no chemical effect on the thickness and length of the lashes that you were born with. You get so used to seeing yourself with longer, thicker lashes that once you stop your own lashes look thinner and shorter.

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There are different lengths and thicknesses to choose from depending on your preference, eye shape and ones own existing lash length. You definitely won’t have to worry about looking like Nicki Minaj.

Price: Full Set – R500 | 2 Week Fill – R250 | 3 Week Fill – R320 | 4 Week Fill – R400
Contact: Natascha Ruch on 071 687 2080 Email:
Location: Tamboerskloof, Cape Town (lots of parking available)
Social media: Facebook: Tascha’s Lashes |  Instagram: @taschas.lashes 

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