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Thinking of trying out a juice detox to get rid of all those nasty toxins built up in that bod, but just not sure what it’s all about? Well, we were pretty naive too, so we signed up with the purpose of putting juice detoxes to the test and documenting our three-day experience. With all the new cold-pressed bars and detox packages popping up, it was hard to choose just one to trial. Cape Town based JUICEBUM caught our attention with their recently launched winter flavours, so we eagerly committed to their three-day raw, cold-pressed juice detox.

Our experience:

It wasn’t the brightest move we ever made, trying to do a three-day detox amidst attending intense fitness classes for our reviews and on top of that being in the height of winter. We had to cut ourselves some slack and opted to complete the three-day detox incorporating raw fruit and veg so that we had something to munch on and didn’t put our bodies through too much additional stress and deprivation (another lame excuse). However, for best results JUICEBUM recommends that no other solid food should be eaten during the process in order for your digestive system to rest. Here is the low down of our detox juicing experience:

Day 1:

Surprisingly enough, our first day was quite manageable. There wasn’t much time to think about it, so we stuck to the program and sailed through as if we were pros. The new winter flavours were really tasty and we enjoyed the innovative combinations and flavours. Our absolute favourite was the Ancient Power, jam packed with cashew nut milk, dates, chia seeds, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, vanilla, cinnamon and maca root – filling, delicious and sweet!

Day 2:

We might have underestimated the juicing effect! We went through a combination of emotions that day, that not even our husbands had ever experienced. Our WhatsApp messages went from “I feel great” to “I’m getting hangry”, “I could smash a pizza right now”, “Whose idea was this?” Our energy levels dropped a bit and we felt quite lethargic during day. The cravings interestingly enough, were not for sugar and chocolate but for a good hearty home cooked meal – something that we could dig our teeth into and chew. Then the daydreaming set in and so did the food envy. There is no doubt that you will get ‘hangry’ and every plate of food that you get a glimpse of is absolute torture. At some point during the day you will find yourself talking out loud-giving yourself a pep talk on finding your inner Gandhi… “Stop being so pathetic and pull yourself together.”

Day 3:

Ok so if day 2 was hard, day 3 was even tougher. The end was in sight, yet felt so far away. We were complete divas and over exaggerated every hunger pain, craving and food envy episode, once again giving us the perfect excuse to moan. We were particularly hungry on day 3, which we didn’t experience on day 1 or 2, but we think this was mainly due to the intense exercise regime we were following (rookie error!). Day 3 was a blur, but went by quickly and upon waking up on day 4 and smashing a hearty warm bowl of oats, we didn’t understand why we were being so dramatic…” It really wasn’t that bad.” We felt energised, light and eager to continue incorporating more raw fruit, veg and plant-based ingredients into our daily meals.

The Verdict:

Bottom line, we don’t work well restricting ourselves as our inner Naomi Campbell divas appeared. For now we will stick to our balanced diets, but will definitely incorporate JUICEBUM’s delicious raw products to ensure we consume our daily nutrients and boost our energy levels when we need it most. Our skin noticeably improved and there was a definite sense of achievement. Good luck!

Price: R885 for a 3-day detox package | R1770 for a 6-day detox package.
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