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Dutch-born Joëlle Sleebos is an inspirational yoga guru and personal trainer who left her corporate job and Masters Degree in Economics behind to focus on her real passion – increasing people’s quality of life by helping them to improve their physical and mental vitality! Joëlle started “Getting Personal” to kick start her career in Cape Town, with quite a resume of over 16 years experience as a group fitness instructor, 3 years of Certified Personal Training and 5 years as a yoga instructor – this lady means business!

Joëlle’s ‘yoga is for hippies’ mentality quickly changed when she started seeing the benefits both mentally and physically. Since then yoga has become her main form of exercise and has completely transformed her way of thinking – feeling stronger, confident, flexible and more balanced.

Our experience:

Having just arrived back from an epic trip to New York City we were feeling a little jet lagged and, ummm, well, just lazy really! We dragged ourselves to the Green Point Urban Park to meet Joelle for our 45-minute personal training session, secretly hoping it would turn into a 45-minute fat chat session, but we were out of luck! Joëlle was ready to put us through our paces and give us a taste of what her classes are all about. Her infectious positive energy gave us that extra motivation to get us out of our slump and make the most of being outdoors on a beautiful sunny day.

It didn’t take long before we got our sweat on, but it was exactly what we needed! Our session was a combination of yoga, calisthenics, functional core and compound training – basically it was one high intensity full body workout that left us burning for days! Joëlle is the queen of technique and form – never allowing you to perform an exercise incorrectly and ensuring a long happy injury free existence!   The class ended off with a few stretches and yoga positions to get us centered, focused and ready to take on the rest of the day.

All classes incorporate some kind of equipment, so if it’s not a medicine ball or a skipping rope (which is provided), you’re doing pull-ups on a tree, squat jumps on a nearby bench and step ups on anything that is raised. Whether you want to up your cardio for endurance training, tone and tighten or just improve your general health, Joëlle has got the experience to get you to reach those goals.


Joëlle not only does private yoga sessions, but also instructs at Hot Dog Yoga Studio, YogaLife, Lorna Jane SA and Concept Studios. She also takes group fitness classes at Planet Fitness and gives intimate one-on-one outdoor training sessions in and around Cape Town with a back-up location incase of bad weather.

Price: Contact for price list
Contact: Email: Tel: 071 341 6764
Social Media: Facebook: Joelle Sleebos – Getting Personal | Twitter: @JoelleSleebos | Instagram: @joellesleebos

Photo Credit: Steve Davis

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