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Dig It Fresh, is a Cape Town based online service delivering fresh produce directly from our local farmers, butchers and producers right to your doorstep. Promising to source locally and responsibly – delivering only the best seasonal produce! Yee – Haa!

Our experience:

We get so excited when we find awesome local start-ups like Dig It Fresh. Especially with the increasing amount of conscious eaters and farmers markets rising in popularity, farm-to-kitchen-table eating has never been easier! Dig It Fresh have made it super convenient for their customers and with their diverse produce selection (from salads and herbs to boerewors and banting brownies), grocery store missions are a thing of the past!

They have two sides to the business, their Boxes, a weekly fresh fruit and veg box delivery service and their Shop, where you can purchase produce such as meat, nuts and even free-range eggs! You’ll love the website too, it’s user friendly and super simple to navigate.


We opted for the Just Veg Box for two, which was filled with fresh seasonal veggies (butternut, peppers, broccoli, sweet potato, onions, carrots and more). The butternut was so big, that we made enough soup for an entire week! The veggies were fresh, gigantic in size with no bugs or funny creepy crawlies that we had to worry about. We also received a large order of meat produce from their Shop (lamb shanks, loin chops, steaks). Our fridges were overflowing with fresh farmy goodness!

How it works:

When you sign up for one of their Boxes you will receive a weekly delivery of fresh, seasonal produce right to your doorstep. You choose the box type and size that best suits your family and lifestyle and before you know it you have a box of farm-fresh goodies waiting to be mashed, chopped, sliced and diced! The box contents vary according to the season, so you might get an abundance of cauli one week and fresh rocket the next!


If you’re not keen on subscribing to a weekly delivery service, you can visit their Shop option that will allow you to purchase products on a once-off basis.


If you’re feeling uninspired, check out their quick and easy recipes online here. Vouchers are also available to purchase for friends, family or colleagues, just email: info@digitfresh.co.za

Price: See price list here.
Purchase: Online here.
Contact: Online contact form | Email: info@digitfresh.co.za
Website: www.digitfresh.co.za
Social Media: Facebook: Dig It Fresh  | Instagram: @digitfresh 

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