Dear Deer satin pillow slips 
are made from 100% pure satin, maintaining natural moisture balance in your hair and minimising facial wrinkles and puffiness! Not only do they keep your precious blowouts in tact and won’t absorb your expensive face creams, you can say goodbye to split ends, breakages and dehydrated skin! How? Being a polyester material, satin doesn’t absorb moisture the way natural fibers like cotton do. One of the many reasons our skins look tired, dry and lined is due to a lack of hydration. This all sounded far too good to be true, so we decided to put the slips to the test.


Our experience:

When your husband tells you that you look like Charlize Theron from Monster in the morning you know you need all the help you can get! So when our friends from Dear Deer came to the rescue with these magical satin pillows, we decided to trade in our old cotton pillowcases and give our skin and hair the luxury treatment it so deserves. Truth is, we just couldn’t wait to climb into bed and put these sexy satin slips to the test – any excuse to get in a few more hours of shuteye!

We all want our new salon styled hair do’s to last as long as possible, which means the less friction the better – so your regular cotton cases are a no-go!  After just the first night of snuggling into our soft silky pillows we noticed our bedheads were a lot more controllable compared to our birds nests that we’d normally have to contend with every other morning. Our frizz-free mops were a lot silkier, visibly softer and manageable – so a huge thumbs up on the hair front!

If you’re like us, who go to sleep lying on your back with the hopes of staying in that position all night without moving an inch, but then wake up with your face scrunched into your pillow of drool, hair standing on end and creases as deep as the Grand Canyon, then this pillow is for you! With its anti-ageing benefits, silky and luxurious texture we were left crease and frizz free – fresh as daisies. Rest assured you’ll never have to worry about being busted on your next sneaky midday snooze!



Available in nine colours – black, white, champagne, stone, rose, vanilla, navy, blue and fuchsia pink, so it’s easy to find a Dear Deer pillowslip to match your bedroom décor. FREE door-to-door delivery with fastway in just a few days to anywhere in South Africa!

Price: R150
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Social Media: Facebook: @deardeerdecor
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Instagram: @hello_dear_deer

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