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MoJo Boxing and Fitness studio is located in the First Principles Gym in Sea Point, offering Boxing, Biokinetics, Pilates and Yoga.

Our experience:

We’re not sure if it was the 10 minutes of skipping, the hundred squats and burpees or the endless pounding of the punching bag – whatever it was we were sweaty and satisfied by the end of it. We truly loved every minute!

We heard about MoJo from a friend, Sheri, who signed up only 2 months ago in preparation for her wedding and has already seen insane results – tight tush and toned tum (we’ve seen it, touched it, approved it!). Joseph, our local Muhammad Ali was our awesome instructor for the 60-minute group class, who kept us on our toes (literally) for the entire duration. The boxing lingo was very new to us and when being faced one on one with our trainer – our tough façade quickly dissolved as we giggled like teens trying to coordinate the jabs, uppercuts, hooks and ducks (it must have been special to watch). The studio is intimate; the classes are small and the atmosphere encouraging and fun. Joseph keeps every class unique, so no workout is ever the same, and according to Sheri it never gets easier. Now ladies, if Rocky’s title-winning physique has put you off boxing, we can assure you that in the real world, boxers are some of the leanest, most well trained athletes around. You’ll be looking toight and toned in no time … so get those gloves on girls!


Joseph is a qualified personal trainer and one awesome motivational mentor, who brings his energy and passion to every class. He’s got to be the best trainer we’ve encountered to date, one class with this boxing pro and you’ll be the next victim of this fitness addiction.

Price: R120 for group class / R280 Private / Packages available
Contact: Tel: 0834955203
Cape Town – 56 Regent Road, Sea Point
Social Media: Facebook: MoJo Boxing and Fitness 

Wellness in the City
  • Tim

    June 8, 2015 at 2:24 pm Reply

    Jo is the best!!

    • Wellness in the City

      June 8, 2015 at 2:31 pm Reply

      Yes, he is a winner!!

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