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Blending healthy, nutritious baby food in just seconds! The beautifully designed Baby Bullet will help moms and dads create the most balanced, nourishing and delicious meals for growing babies, through every stage of their development. From creamy purées to wholesome cereals, the Baby Bullet will help you give your child the healthiest nutrition every day.

Mom with baby making baby food with Baby Bullet in kitchen

I’m a first-time mom to a little baby girl, Isla Rose, who has been the coolest addition to our soon to be family of four. We love this ball of chubbiness so much that we’d literally move mountains for her, which is why we totally get why first-time parents make a lot of crazy decisions when it comes to purchasing baby products. We all get tricked into buying gadgets, toys and wonderful contraptions only to find that it ends up sitting in the corner of the room gathering dust and taking up space.

baby bullet baby food blender on the kitchen table

When I first received the Baby Bullet, I was a little skeptical – was this another one of those gimmicks – an extravagant item that wasn’t really necessary? Was I making another one of those first-time mommy purchases? I already had a NutriBullet, so I was concerned that this was going to be another item that sat on top of the kitchen counter looking pretty. Oh, how I was wrong, so very wrong.

I literally use my Baby Bullet every day! Blitzing oats for breakfast, blending fruit and veg purées for lunch and making yummy nut butters and smoothies – this child eats better than I do!  It’s light, compact and neat enough to sit out on my kitchen counter (trust me when I say I have really limited kitchen counter space). It’s not a heavy-duty massive industrial blender and is small enough to pack in your bag for a weekend away.

Compared to my NutriBullet, it blends food to a smoother consistency without having to put in loads of water to get the same texture. Also, it’s inspired me to get creative with her meals – I feel like the Gordon Ramsey of children’s cooking – whipping up some wild recipes, which may have been a little extreme for the poor 5-month old’s taste buds, but she loved it! I felt liberated and excited to create these concoctions and not once did it ever feel like a chore. Yes, I do have the time and no I don’t have a 9 to 5 and I just love spending time in the kitchen. Also, I’m a feeder by nature so I am a little biased.

It’s all about balance and although I do have the time to cut, peel and steam fruit and veg and go through recipe books to find yummy inventions, there are days where I’m totally lazy, have castings or events that I don’t get around to getting my blend on, so I use the silicone freezer storage trays to freeze any excess purées I’ve made the day before. Then I just pop a few blocks out which fit perfectly into the fridge decanters with a nifty date system so you can keep track of when you made it and you know for sure everything, you’re feeding your baba is completely fresh. This, people, is a game changer, especially for someone like me who can’t remember what she did an hour ago.

It’s also super hygienic – I love the fact that it’s her own food processor that is allocated to making only her food, and for someone who is a little OCD with hygiene and just an anal first-time mom it gives me piece of mind. I probably won’t give rocks when the second one comes along, but for now, I like that all the food is prepared in her own blender.

So, I’ve listed a few more benefits below for your convenience:


  • Homemade, fresh baby food, where you know the source of ingredients and you have the control over how its prepped and cooked.
  • Fast prep – its quick and easy and no need for a massive heavy industrial blender, its light and versatile.
  • Easy clean up – it’s an easy machine to rinse and clean – no finicky contraptions or messing around with trying to assemble the parts again. Just remove the blade from bottom, wash rinse and voila!
  • Affordability – making your own food definitely works out to be more affordable, even though it requires a little more effort.

Nifty accessories:

  • Individual Date-Dial Cups that you can pop in the fridge
  • Freezer storage trays (Batch Trays) – easy enough to pop out – sometimes I require the brute strength of my husband, but it’s usually because it gives him an ego boost – I could totally do it myself
  • 2 different kinds of blades: Blend Bladefor purées or Milling Blade for cereal
  • It comes with an easy to use manual and recipe book

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Oh, and all plastics (containers and blenders) are BPA safe!

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