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Nicole Panzer is a qualified yoga instructor who recently studied yoga therapy, specializing in Spinal Flush and Body Alignment. These two forms offer a gentle approach and can be used as an alternative to Physiotherapy and Chiropractic practices.

“Being passionate about bringing a sense of balance into peoples lives, whether physical, emotional or structural has brought me to what I am practicing and currently offering my clients.”

What is Body Alignment Therapy?

From Nicole’s extensive studies she has come to realise that our spine holds the key to many of our ailments and the general health of our being. Often through incorrect posture, physical injury, shock and birth a part of your spine/pelvis can be slightly affected. This can be seen in the posture and sometimes only visible in an assessment session. Nicole is able to decipher what part of the body is slightly out, possibly causing discomfort for the client and using pressure point and massage techniques, she gently guides the body back into place. Nicole uses Body Alignment therapy in conjunction with Spinal Flush.

What is Spinal Flush?

It is a spinal massage and Reiki technique, which activates the nervous, meridian and lymphatic systems and assists in reactivating, flushing, cleansing and clearing these specific areas and systems. Often seen as a great way to relax, which is done at the end of most sessions. Depending on the client’s situation, Yoga therapy is added to the client’s routine to assist with the gentle rebalancing of the body through various movements and breath work designed specifically for the client in question.

Our experience:

From one busy week to the next and consumed by the stresses of everyday life, this couldn’t have come at a better time! We were treated to a 90minute Body Alignment and Spinal Flush therapy session that left us floating on cloud nine! It’s a nice change from the usual backbreaking, neck cracking method we are so accustomed to on our regular visit to the chiropractor.

Before Nicole gets started on the treatment she assesses your posture and spine using different techniques we’ve never experienced before. We’re both used to very hard deep-tissue massages, so this was a very new approach for us, using pressure point techniques, oil massage and gentle manipulation to get the spine/pelvis back into alignment. The pressure was fairly light yet the results were instant and left us in such a deep sense of relaxation, we struggled to lift our head off the pillow when the session was done. If you find it very hard to switch off during massages and allow your thoughts to take over – then this might possibly be the perfect treatment for you. Be prepared to relax, realign and recuperate – you’re in good hands!

We highly recommend this treatment followed by drinking lots of water to rid the body of toxins! Don’t make any plans for afterwards, you’ll walk out a zombie and be drooling before your head hits the pillow!

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Nicole’s qualifications are as follows:

  • Yoga teacher & therapist
  • Body Alignment Practitioner (using both the Dorn & Breuss, trigger point therapy & Reiki treatments)
  • Lighterian Clearing™ facilitator
  • Retreat and workshop facilitator (Becoming me, exploring the who am I concept, youth empowerment work)
Price: Price list here.
Location: Woodstock, Cape Town.
Contact: Email: | Tel: 0833779248
Social Media: Facebook: Lila Yoga Studio

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