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Aēsop was established in Melbourne in 1987 with an objective to formulate hair, body and skincare products of the finest quality. Sourcing plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, Aēsop uses only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

Our experience

As we stepped foot into the chic urban premises of Loading Bay, who stock the full range of Aēsop products, we were greeted by a combination of sandalwood, mandarin and geranium scents that instantly put us into a happy trance. It was almost as if we had gone back in time and walked into a 1920’s pharmacy. The shelves were neatly stocked with coffee toned bottles complimenting its muted organic environment and creating that clinical minimalistic look… we just loved everything about it!


We were introduced to Nicol, who heads up the South African distribution of Aēsop. She gave us a detailed breakdown of her involvement with the product and what Aēsop essentially stands for. With her extensive knowledge not only on the product and its ingredients, but also on the cosmetic industry – we knew we had found a gem.


Aēsop ticks all the right boxes; established in the industry for over 28 years, against animal testing, incorporates only plant-based ingredients, sources organic materials where possible and aims to create good quality products that can be used from head to toe. It’s evident that these products aren’t just whipped up without much care or consideration. Thought and dedication have been put into each cream, toner and scrub. Their products have been stripped down to the bare essentials, maintaining only what is absolutely necessary.


For the first time we actually recognised most of the ingredients in each product, compared with many other cosmetic and beauty products out there. We got to test out and try an abundance of products, from body scrubs and lotions to mouthwashes and more. Each bottle seemed to be filled with even more goodness than the next, giving off pungent yet refreshing fragrances.


The utilitarian design of each product is not only easy on the eye but gives you a sense of sophistication without being ostentatious (now those are some big words to get your head around). Above all they focus simply on form and functionality.


Photography and styling: Wellness in the City Studios


Aēsop has an animal range too, so your fury friends are able to look and smell as good as you do! No really, their pampered pet care range contains the same high quality ingredients that are in most of their hair, face and body care products. Not only are you able to use your pooches shampoo, these products are also completely unisex and are the perfect gift for your partner, boyfriend, hubby or boy buddy.

Price: See below.
Contact: Email: nicol@loadingbay.co.za Tel: (021) 425 6321
Location: Cape Town: Loading Bay, 30 Hudson St, De Waterkant
Website: http://www.aesop.com
Social Media: Twitter: @aesopskincare  | Instagram: @aesopskincare

Product information, in order of appearance:

London: R1050
Travel-sized essentials, including Mouthwash and Parsley Seed skin care formulations.

A selection of unisex travel-sized products from the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Skin Care range, essential hair and body care formulations and Aesop’s Mouthwash, presented in an elegant black microfibre case.

Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet: R995
A pairing of exceptional products to facilitate the perfect shave.

Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum’s maximum slip texture assists in achieving a razor-close shave while its skin-calming properties spare skin the aggravation commonly caused by shaving. Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion’s inclusion of Neroli Blossom, Sandalwood and Bisabolol pacifies, softens and hydrates skin.

Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque: R495
A clay-based masque to deeply cleanse and refresh most skin types, particularly sensitive or dry.

A gentle yet thorough deep-cleansing treatment that extracts impurities clogging the pores, to smooth and refresh the skin.

Mouthwash: R370
Refreshing mouthwash to maintain impeccable oral hygiene.

This alcohol-free formulation provides a solution to the sensitive problem of oral malodour without disturbing saliva production of the natural pH of the mouth. To protect olfactory contentment of those in close proximity, swig generously and gargle prior to all public appearances.

Fabulous Face Oil: R750
A daily moisturising botanical oil for normal, dull or congested skin.

Nine carefully selected botanicals deliver exceptional hydrating and fortifying benefits to detoxify, smooth and balance normal or patchy skin, with a non-greasy finish. Suited to all seasons, cities and skin types.

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    February 8, 2020 at 5:37 pm Reply

    I would like to order Aesop skincare.
    I live in Jeffrey’s Bay Eastern Cape
    I love the product.
    Used it in Australia but I have almost run out of the product

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