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Established with a strong foundation of international PR, production and marketing experience, WITC was created as a national platform devoted to the wellness scene. Created to inspire, encourage and motivate you to embrace a healthier lifestyle whilst finding your own personal balance amongst the fast paced, ever changing, fad crazy, wellness scene.



Born in the beautiful city of Cape Town, it’s hard not to be passionate about health and fitness. I have a Marketing Degree (but who doesn’t!?) and to top it off I’m a shmodel (not off to a great start). I love good food, especially the sweet kind, experimenting with make-up trends and hitting the beach for a sunset run with Miso, my insanely cute Chow Chow. At a young age I developed a love for dance and continued to practice for ten years – which now comes in handy when facing a battle on the dance floor! I am also fortunate to have travelled a lot (thanks to modeling) – allowing me to work for awesome international brands, but most of all, explore different cities and their interesting cuisines and cultures. Don’t be fooled by my little physique, I will eat you under the table while luring you in to try my freshly baked treats!


I was brought up in an Italian household, so cooking and (more importantly) eating, play a very important role in my life. My love for pizza fuels my passion for endurance running, which is why I am determined to push my limits, taking on challenging races and tough fitness regimes to keep me motivated, but I take my social life just as seriously. My 9-to-5 is heading up a PR agency, working on local and international consumer brands, so I’m often at the forefront of the latest lifestyle trends and product launches. Staying inspired to keep up with current trends and experiment with the latest health movements is part of living my version of la dolce vita. When not working, exploring mountain trails, juicing or trimming my wheatgrass bush, you will find me lounging with a glass of Spritz Aperol!

We created WITC in 2015 as a passion project during a time that we were curious for more wellness knowledge, yet insightful local sources were rare, almond milk wasn’t on menus, juice bars weren’t in every suburb, superfoods were for “hippies” and athleisure wasn’t a dress code. Our hunger for healthy living evolved into building a platform where we could review the growing trends in fitness, nutrition, beauty and travel, whilst marketing entrepreneurs, brands and services from a beginner novice consumer perspective so that as we learnt more, so did our readers.

Together with our community of Wellness Experts and WITC Voices, we share our favourite stories in health, fitness, travel and beauty.

Wellness Wishes,

Nicole & Marisa