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A Moment to Move with Leilah Kirsten 

Meet Leilah Kirsten, a talented female fitness and Pilates instructor based in the Southern Suburbs, who has created her own movement empire. With a background in dance and years of experience in Pilates, she is the proud creator of A Moment to Move, a space where like-minded people can get together and … move!

Inspiring, self-motivated and a beautiful person inside and out, we just had to get to know a little more about the founder of A Moment to Move:

My love for dance started at a very young age. I remember as a small child, being plonked in front of my mom’s Jane Fonda workout videos – obviously adorned in 80’s leg warmers sweat bands and lycra workout gear! That progressed to rearranging the lounge to allow enough space to improvise to my Dad’s Queen and Annie Lennox CD’s, which led to a career as a Contemporary Dancer.

Teaching kind of happened to me… I was forced to teach during my dance studies but didn’t particularly enjoy it. When I became a personal trainer I realised the positive impact I could have on someone’s day and life simply by teaching them something new and wonderful about their physical capability.

The best part of my job would be seeing how my clients develop. Being able to witness their surprise when they discover something about themselves they didn’t know. Exercise and fitness is not just about looking good aesthetically and being able to “perform” as they say. Receiving random letters of thanks is also super special and it just confirms that I am doing the right thing with my life right now.

My favourite exercise, when I’m feeling strong, is a good old box jump! However, when I’m feeling fragile, something as simple as a Pilates Roll Down can lift my mood and help me realign.

If I could do one exercise everyday I’d to a Pilates Roll Down into an extended arm plank. Why? Because the roll down allows me to mobilise the spine and the plank allows me to connect to my core as well as find energy strength, power and presence throughout my whole body.

When I need a little me time a private session with my wonderful Pilates teacher, Vine Scholtz of Heartcore Pilates in Claremont is the perfect way to unwind and relax.

I have tried and been on every diet you could imagine, since the age of 13 – my dance background didn’t help matters either. At this stage in my life, I couldn’t be bothered to ‘diet’ anymore. So no, I eat what I feel like, which are often vegetarian meals, full fat cappuccinos and I love a good bunch of crunchy red grapes!

If I had to choose three meals to eat for the rest of my life, pizza and sushi would definitely be my top picks. The third would be a toss up between a syrup-laden koeksister or a freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juice!

My favourite adventure to date would probably be the dance tour I went on in Sweden in 2013. I fell in love with Stockholm (sorry New York, it’s over) as well as the kindness of the Swedish people I met.

My biggest fitness challenge would have to be my dance career. It instilled in me a work ethic like no other and allowed me to push myself to my limits. I am incredibly grateful for the body I have and for what I have been able to achieve with it. While I may never be that physically capable again, I will always have the intense connection to my body that my dance career afforded me.

I’ve had a few major injuries; a back and knee injury that no doctor could diagnose, which was all dance related. Thankfully I’ve never had to have any operations and have managed to heal myself with time, professional help and a lot of acupuncture and Kinesiology.

If I had to give one piece of advice to someone living an unhealthy lifestyle it would be to get your body moving! Start walking outside in nature – It’s free and 10 minutes a day is a good enough start!

My favourite motivational quote is an oldie but a goodie:
“Everything happens for a reason”

Price: R100 per class (package deals available)
Contact: leilahkirsten@gmail.com
Location: Cape Town – The Blue Biscuit: 44 Belvedere Road, Rondebosch
Website: http://leilahkirsten.com
Social media: Facebook: Leilah Kirsten – Personal Training / Pilates / Massage / Dance | Twitter: @LeilahKirsten | Instagram: @leilahkirsten

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