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The boys are back in town! We’ve seriously neglected the macho men this year so this one’s for all you beefcake brothers out there! Summer is literally on our doorstep and that means bikini and boardshort bods are in full force. For those of you who’ve been slogging away in the gym all winter – we salute you, to the other slackers (like us), we’ve got some catching up to do. We’ve partnered up with the workout glove brand, G-Loves and Bauke Hannekom (one of our ultimate favourite personal trainers) to give us some body building exercises for males (and females) to shape up for summer.

We’re pretty impressed with our mad skills at finding two of the biggest body building beasts in Cape Town – Bauke Hannekom and Phill van der Spuy, where we asked them for their expert opinion on how G-Loves held out during their training sessions.

The boys experience:

Meet Bauke Hannekom, one of Cape Town’s top personal trainers and founder of the hip fitness gym The Station in Green Point. This muscle machine has done his fair share of pumping iron, flexing and dead lifting, so naturally he was the perfect canditate to put these gloves to the test!

Bauke’s experience:

I got to try out the G-360 Workout Gloves and Wrist Wraps for a couple of different gym sessions to test the quality and performance across a variation of movements. I found them perfectly suited for body building (isolation) training as opposed to CrossFit style training. I found that the gloves would shift slightly during training, maybe due to them not being as tightly fitted to my hands, however this was only prominent when working with heavier weights. There was enough support and padding and I would recommend these gloves to all beginner and intermediate body builders.”

Meet Phill, pilot, protein shaker and all round gym bunny of note. He’s a ‘little’ bigger than the average dude and we secretely think he’s working his way up to resemble the Hulk. He was the perfect contender to test out the G-Loves mens range.

Phill’s experience:

“G-loves are the new craze around town and understandably so! They’re extremely comfortable to wear, come in some crazy funky colors and are super versatile! With multiple uses from gym to cycling to cutting the wake on your favourite piece of water sport equipment, G-loves will have you covered. My experience was purely in the gym and although the gloves themselves are extremely well padded and comfortable they can be slighlty limiting for the advanced gym goer as the extra padding makes it difficult to grip the weights. The wrist wraps on the other hand (excuse the pun) are very functional for those heavy bar lifts and give the user ample wrist support.”

Here are a few key exercises to add into your summer body routine, demonstrated by the mean machine himself, Bauke Hannekom:

Plank Row:

Get into a plank position and hold onto your dumbells – your legs should be wider than hip-width distance (for stability). Focus on keeping your core tight and your glutes engaged. Stabilizing your torso, lift your right elbow to row – bending your elbow up toward the ceiling. Return the weight to the ground and repeat the movement on the other side.

Chest Press with Dumbbell:

Lie on the bench and get comfy, but not for too long! Grab a dumbbell in each hand and keep your feet flat on the floor. Push the dumbbells up so that your arms are directly over your shoulders and your palms are up. Keep your abs tight and tilt chin to chest. Lower the dumbbells down and a little to the side until your elbows are slightly below your shoulders. Roll your shoulder blades back and down, like you’re pinching them together and accentuating your chest. Push the weights back up, taking care not to lock your elbows or allow your shoulder blades to rise off the bench.

Lunges with Dumbbell:

Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip so that your palms are facing each other. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms fully extended at your sides. Push your chest out and take a large step forward with one leg, lowering your back knee toward the ground while keeping your front shin as vertical as possible. Use the front leg to push yourself back to the starting position.

Tire Shot:

Start with your feet and hips shoulder-width apart. Push your hips back (almost in a squat position) to get in the starting position, making sure to keep your back flat and your core engaged. Make sure as you underhand grip the tire, you place your hands onto the treads. Putting them in the space between the treads could cause you to hyperextend your fingers or, even worse, tear your biceps. Now you’re ready for take off. This is an explosive lift, so drive up through your hips. Once the tire is almost vertical, catch it overhand and push it so it topples over onto the floor.

Seated Dumbell Concentration Curl:

Hold the dumbbell with your nondominant hand and sit at the end of a bench, leaning forward slightly with your legs spread out to the sides. Rest the back of your weighted arm on the inside of your thigh. Hold the weight with an underhand grip and let it hang straight down. Rest your other hand or forearm on your other thigh. Curl the weight up toward your face without shifting your upper arm, lifting your torso, or curling your wrist.

Now, take a breather…

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