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JarBar is a sustainable local business offering healthy free-range salads and soups in a jar delivered straight to your door/desk. They supply vegan and vegetarian options, all meats are free-range and dressings/sauces are homemade.

Our experience:

As much as the WITC team love concocting healthy recipes in the kitchen, we also get our lazy days and frantic weeks where rustling up a healthy meal seems like far too much of a mission. So when we tried out JarBar for one whole week we chucked the tuna and rye aside and salivated in anticipation for our daily delivery.

Although we were relieved that we didn’t have to think of prepping and packing lunch each day, we were also a little bit skeptical – having bought salads that are too leafy and not containing enough meaty ingredients in the passed. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised and when it hit 12:00 it was the most exciting time of the day – receiving a special delivery without having to lift a finger.

Some of the salads we sampled included Butternut Betty (Roasted Butternut, Macadamia Nuts and Roma Tomatoes; Feta, Lentils and Rocket with Classic Balsamic Dressing) and the zesty Asian Persuasion (Free Range Beef Cubes cooked in a Thai inspired dressing; Carrot Strips, Cucumber Ribbons, Bean Sprouts & Fresh Coriander with Asian Baby Leaf Salad & Honey Sesame Dressing).

The meals were delicious, really affordable and the website is super easy to navigate, with delicious foodie pics tempting you into ordering a tasty salad or hearty soup for each day of the week.


They charge a R20 deposit on your first jar, after which you can exchange your empty jar for the next or get a full refund on your deposit. If there are 4 or more orders from the same office for the same day, your delivery on your next order is free. Alternatively there is a R5 delivery fee for each jar delivered.

Website: jarbar.co.za
Price: ranges from R45 – R60
Purchase: order online
Contact: info@jarbar.co.za
Social media: Facebook: JarBar Friendly Food | Instagram: @the_jarbar

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