The PointBreak Gun Show

PointBreak is a functional training studio geared with the latest fitness machines and equipment, offering a range of qualified personal trainers for both male and female clients. PointBreak recently launched their new studio in Somerset Road, Green Point, located in the trendy One Up Lifestyle space, which is also home to Cape Town Fight Club, TAGG Coffee, Skink Tattoos, Candy Nails and Lost Boys Tattoos. Yes, you read that correctly, there’s a tattoo parlour located inside the gym – just in case those endorphins give you the urge to get inked!

Our experience:

Just because we got to caress and literally hang off the biceps of our PointBreak personal trainer Bauke, didn’t mean we got away with having an easy session. Nope, quite the opposite! There was no time to mess around and even our giggles were silenced by the big man’s attempt to keep us on track and focused. Ok, we might be exaggerating a little, he’s a gentle giant, tough on the outside but all squishy and soft on the inside (he is going to kill us for saying that).

We must be honest, its pretty hard trying to concentrate while you have Bauke’s guns flexing in your face, but be warned, this boytjie is guaranteed to make you burn whether you’re an exercise expert or naive newbie! The thing is, we not only felt the muscles being put into overdrive for the full duration of the 60min class, but struggled for days simply trying to lift our arms. Anything above shoulder height was staying put and the idea of wearing the same top for a couple of days didn’t seem that bad. Bauke’s training style is simple, but very effective. Using a system of high reps but slightly heavier weights and your own body weight will no doubt get you toned and tightened.

The gym space is quite masculine and you’ll definitely see a few biff boytjies pumping iron and taking sneak peaks at their steamy reflections. But then again, we would probably do the same if we had biceps the size of beach balls. It might be a little intimidating at first, but never fear – in no time the gym was teaming with guys and girls from all fitness levels who weren’t there to just pose and pout. The gym is also kitted with new modern equipment and is a one stop shop that  provides a variety of disciplines, giving their clients no excuses but to get moving!


PointBreak have various trainers available to suit your personal goals and preferences. If changing your body shape (slimming down or bulking up) is what you desire, Bauke is your go-to man, guaranteed to help you achieve your dream bod. The One Up Lifestyle venue is spacious and very welcoming, ideal for grabbing a healthy bite to eat or fresh juice at TAGG Coffee post workout.

Price: Individual personal training starts at R300 and group training (around 2 – 6 people) starts at R200 per session
Bauke, +27 (82) 076 6835
Location: 39 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town
Social media: Facebook: PointBreak Fitness Centre | Twitter: PointBreakst | Instagram: @point_break_fitness_centre

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