SUP Yoga With Tammy

So what exactly is SUP yoga? Well, take your usual vinyasa yoga mat class, combine it with a stand up paddleboard, water and a beautiful setting – voila! You have SUP yoga!

Our experience:

Our first SUP yoga class was taken by Tammy Sullivan from SUP Yoga Fitness at the canals of the beautiful One & Only Hotel in Cape Town. We felt extremely posh pulling up to the 5-star hotel after being personally ushered to our parking bay. Until we got out the car and were surrounded by a sea of Lambos and Aston Martin’s – our modest bakkie looked a little out of place. Nevertheless, we made our way down to the canals where Tammy was patiently waiting to get started.

The weather was incredible – not a breath of wind for our first attempt at balancing on a SUP board. The location is idyllic, with palm trees that line the edges of the canal and quaint bridges that hop from one island to the next. It really is the perfect spot to zen out and just flow.


After our quick induction on how to use the paddles and boards correctly, we sailed into the distance getting a feel for our balance, posture and technique. It’s not as hard as you think – the boards are inflatable, light and pretty sturdy. The actual stand up paddling is the easy part, its getting into different yoga positions that make it a little tricky, but its all part of the fun and one of the reasons why we loved the class so much. Sometimes we feel that a normal yoga class can get a little too serious, but with SUP yoga you get the best of both worlds. Practicing in a serene calm environment while having a good giggle at the person next to you when they crash into the water after attempting a headstand… it’s pretty entertaining! You can just imagine the two of us, screeching like schoolgirls and giggling like mad as we attempted every yoga pose in the book! We don’t think the One & Only Hotel guests were too impressed with the noise level, but at least we put on a good show. Our session ended off with a relaxing Savasana – redirecting our intention, focusing on breath and allowing our bodies to relax.

Between breathing fresh air, soaking up vitamin D and enjoying the natural landscape, it beats just about any gym or studio out there!

Why we love SUP yoga:

  1. Something different to the usual yoga session, whilst still being challenged and working the core to keep balanced and staying focused to ensure you don’t take a tumble.
  1. It’s said to improve your technique. You’ll be more in tune with your poses, for instance, if you’re getting into a certain position and you have more weight on one side, your board will let you know.
  1. It’s more calming. The sensation of floating helps to alleviate the heaviness of life in general. You are able to just relax, unwind and enjoy your surroundings.

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