G-Loves: No Glove, No Love

G-Loves are workout-training gloves for men and women, made from lightweight neoprene that is breathable, absorbs moisture and contours to your hands. Designed to improve grip, protect from injuries and funky gym cooties, but most of all those sexy calluses that develop over time. Furthermore, they provide you with improved wrist support, allowing you to increase the time of your lifting sessions while helping you maintain proper form.


Designed for weightlifting, strength training, yoga, bootcamp, trail running, Crossfit, water sports, horse riding, wheelchairs, gardening, mountain climbing and pole dancing (just to name a few). Thick enough to protect, yet thin enough to make a mind/body connection so that you can focus on the task at hand.

Gelometric Studio Gel Cushioned Gloves:
A new glove designed to mitigate wrist pain and hand fatigue during those activities, which rely on the hand to support body weight, such as Pilates, yoga and cycling, spinning and Lagree fitness.

Our experience:

We love a good weight training session and are one of the few females that venture into the iron pumping, testosterone infested weight sections of the gym. We’re by no means on the same level as those super strong CrossFitters, who can easily lift a 100kg’s no sweat, but for us ‘normal’ folk even a 5kg weight can leave your hands feeling tender and a little raw. It was only until we started weight training with the big dogs at The Station, that we realised how important it was to have the correct hand support. Before we knew about G-Loves, we tried everything to relieve some of the pressure, from chalking our hands to wrapping our sweat towels around each weight, even resorting to using cycling gloves (amateurs!), but nothing seemed to relieve the discomfort.


The beauty of these gloves are their versatility as you can pretty much use them for any sport or activity that requires grip. From our heated yoga classes where things get a little slippery to a water ski session on Clanwilliam dam. We put these gloves through their paces and found that they totally exceeded all expectations.


The glove itself is padded for that extra comfort and snug fit with a no-slip-grip made from fancy high-tech silicone. This makes a huge difference especially in the water when trying to grip the ski handle during turns and cutting the wake. In the gym our G-Loves worked like a charm, providing grip for those slippery kettle bells and support for those evil rough barbells that eat into your palms.


We’ve listed a few of the benefits below, just incase you weren’t sold already…


  • Made from lightweight neoprene that is breathable, wicks moisture and contours to your hand.
  • Hi-tech silicone grip enhances your performance.
  • Cropped fingers allow freedom of movement and shows of your bling!
  • Tailored fit specifically for a woman to prevent bunching of material in the palm of the hand.
  • Easy to put ON and take OFF with Velcro® closure.
  • Say no to gym germs, hand fatigue and calluses.
  • Washable: a little soap and cold water, hang to dry.


Gift vouchers are available ranging from R300 – R500 and G-Loves come in super funky colours and patterns… see for yourself here.

Price: G-Love: from R575 and Gelometrics from R815
Purchase: Online here.
Website: www.g-loves.co.za
Contact: Telephone: +27 82-789-1236 | E-mail: hello@g-loves.co.za
Social Media: Facebook: G-Loves South Africa: Instagram: @glovessouthafrica 

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