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Crawl Project is a bodyweight training concept, which combines elements of natural primal and functional movement. It incorporates numerous disciplines from balance, strength and flexibility to power, mobility and control. Richard-Dean Sumares, a qualified yoga and certified MovNat instructor, heads up the Crawl Project based in Cape Town. Richard has focused on strength training and mobility for the passed 8 years, which lead to his love of Primal Flow. This form of exercise is aimed at discovering the fundamentals of movement and in turn discovering oneself! Sounds a little deep, but we’ll try to put it into perspective.

Our experience:

To incorporate a bit of a manly take to our Primal Flow session with Richard, we decided to rope in our new friend, Arthur Jones – the muscle fueling the fitness and adventure blog, The MantraView Arthur’s take on our experience here. Crawl Project has got to be one of the most innovative forms of exercise we’ve experienced to date – from leopard crawling on all fours to swinging like monkeys from suspended bars! Surprisingly we took to it quite quickly and our experience even inspired our next feature – Wellness in the Wild (wait till we unleash this one)!

Crawl Project is based on a very natural and primal style of movement, so one finds oneself in strange, somewhat comfortable positions that test not only your strength and power but also your control. Every movement and position is thought through and focus is a fundamental part of this challenging form of exercise. It’s a great concept that incorporates such unique elements, allowing people to experience something a little different to the average workout.

Aside from feeling a little uncoordinated at times, we think we didn’t do too badly thanks to our flexibility. This type of exercise doesn’t only require pure brut strength but instead allows one to focus on the sometimes-underrated aspects of fitness, such as agility, suppleness and control. Although, there is still a lot of strength that is needed to perform the advanced movements that Richard gave us a sneak preview of.  You’re also not as susceptible to injuries compared to other high intensity fitness classes out there. We walked away from the class feeling very inspired to reassess our priorities and try to incorporate more movement in between being stuck behind a computer all day. It might not appeal to all, but we would highly recommend trying out a class – it’s free!


Richard offers free classes of Primal Flow every Thursday evening and Saturday morning at the Tagg Crossfit Gym in Green Point.

Price: Contact directly for class prices.
Contact: Email: Tel: (+27) 71 396 6635
Location: Tagg Crossfit: 1 Moreland Terrace, Green Point, Cape Town
Social Media: Facebook: Crawl Mobility & Strength Project | Twitter: Crawl Project | Instagram: @Crawlproject

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  • Merle

    January 22, 2018 at 9:39 am Reply

    Richard is a highly skilled and intuitive guide who offers excellent hands on instruction. You can expect to work hard and feel so glad you arrived for class. I would highly recommend him.

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