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Over the past few years, coffee shops, pop up bars and cool baristas have been trending all over South Africa, especially in the hipster capital, Cape Town. Move over health smoothies, coconut water and cold pressed juices – the cutting edge cold-brew coffee is “so hip” this season!


We decided to put our taste buds to the test and try out the recently launched Cove Coffee. Although I was a fan of the cold-brew straight up, with Nicole not being a coffee fan (weirdo), she needed a little more convincing – if its not blended with full cream ice cream and tastes like a milkshake, you’ll struggle to get it passed her lips. She finally came around after experimenting with a few recipes and when she heard Nutella was involved, she was sold.

The process of making cold-brew coffee is pretty simple: They grind their beans on brew day to ensure they don’t lose any flavour, which they then combine with filtered water and ‘cold brew’ for between 12-24 hours. Because the process does not involve any heat, cold brewed coffee is naturally less acidic which also means it is easier on the body. The process also draws out a lot of natural sweetness from the coffee. They believe in using only the best ingredients and source their coffee from a local roaster. All the coffee beans used are certified organic and direct trade. Due to the product only containing water and coffee, it’s ideal for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.

Don’t confuse cold-brew with iced coffee. If you are not a coffee geek you may not like the bitter taste which is why we experimented in the WITC kitchen and concocted the below tasty recipe to appeal to more of our readers…



Coco Honey
100ml Cove Cold Brew
100ml Coconut Milk
Dollop Honey
Blend with ice and top with designated coconut

*Add a dash of nutella or cinnamon for some naughty flavours or incorporate banana for a thicker consistency.


Price: 200ml: R25 & 500ml: R50
Available: Online:
Social Media: Facebook: covecoldbrewcoffee | Twitter: @cove_coffee | Instagram: @covecoffee

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