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BY CHOE – The New York Vegan Revolution

Culinary Californian chef, Chloe Coscarelli, first made a name for herself in 2010 when she was awarded as being the first vegan chef to win the American reality TV show, Cupcake Wars, (at age 22!). Since then, Chloe has made quite the name for herself appearing on TV shows, releasing recipe books and launching her own trendy restaurant, which has become the fastest growing vegan burger chain in America!

Our experience:

We had been stalking and salivating over the BY CHLOE Instagram account weeks ahead of our New York trip, so when we finally hunted down the cute corner café, we felt like star struck teenagers waiting in a queue to liberate our taste buds to a whole new pallet explosion.

Okay, so you thinking, “how on earth can vegan chow evoke such excitement”!? Well, if you don’t believe us and you aren’t convinced by the hundreds of people queuing down the street every day or the numerous positive reviews that headline the foodie New York newspapers, then maybe you’ll believe Miley Cyrus, who frequents the local New York hub weekly! Okay… Miley’s taste buds might be corrupted slightly, but our wellness pallets are alive and credible!

Some of the favourite’s that we tried included the Gobble Gobble burger made with, lemon caper seitan, harvest stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce and rosemary gravy on a potato bun; the pumpkin cupcake with maple frosting and burnt marshmallows. To top off the unique tasting experience the creamy pumpkin pie milkshake definitely triggered the endorphins and had us speed crawling out the café on one electric foodie high!

If only they would open up a branch in South Africa, as we truly haven’t experienced anything like it to date.


Not only does By Chloe have incredible meals, juices and smoothies on offer at the café, she also has recipe books and a tasty blog featuring even more delicious recipes, vegan tips and lifestyle advice.

Location: 185 Bleecker Street, New York City
Social Media: Facebook: bychefchloe  | Twitter: @bychefchloe | Instagram: @bychefchloe 

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  • Dania P

    March 23, 2016 at 9:20 am Reply

    Looks and sounds amazing! love this post girls – had me drooling! And it sounds like she is making vegan/vegetarian food COOL, exactly what the world needs! x

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