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360 Specialised Training is described as being forward thinking – deviating from the dated and mundane ‘body building’ approach. These guys specialise in variation and total fitness, providing you with an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Being a functional training facility, they prefer to use a diverse range of specialised equipment, thus the use of machinery is kept to a minimum.

Our experience:

After a long day at work and feeling a little fragile, we really had to dig deep to find the strength to get through not only an intro weight training session with the owner/founder Chris Walsh, but also the craziest high-intensity boxing class we have ever experienced (and yes, Nicole complained the whole way through). It was just one of those days! With that being said the gym is really impressive, allowing you to take part in many different disciplines: indoor-climbing, calisthenics, boxing, weight training, cardio classes as well as personal trainers at your disposal (the list seems endless). We were super impressed with the layout and variety of offerings these guys provide, but that didn’t mean we weren’t a little intimidated by the large space and masculine set up. You’ve got your badass boxers in one corner, your tank top teens in another and some pretty hardcore gymnasts swinging from unfamiliar contraptions in the next. It was overwhelming at first, but you quickly adjust. We experienced our first Turkish Get Up, which wasn’t much of a ‘Get Up’ seeing as we hardly left the floor – epic fail!

Chris is super passionate about his business, which has definitely contributed to its success. But who wouldn’t love their job when you get to pump iron all day, train hot hunnies in butt baring hot pants and get your sweat on – all at the same time!? We need to rethink our careers!


You don’t have to train with a personal instructor to use the gym facilities; there are monthly membership contracts available too, which enable you to use the facilities and pop in whenever suits you.

Price: Package deals and monthly membership contracts available.
Contact: Email: info@360training.co.za Tel: (021) 418-1072
Location: Cape Town: 31 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Foreshore
Website: http://www.360training.co.za
Social media: Facebook: 360 Specialized Training  | Twitter: @360_ST | Instagram: @360_ST

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