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With health and fitness infiltrating the world of social media, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest health trends and fitness phases – from banting and paleo to hitting the high street in your activewear.

Here we list the latest health and fitness trends of 2016 – keeping you in the loop and making sure you’re one step ahead of the rest!

Trends11. Why Everyone Is Eating Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Out Of A Bowl

It all started with smoothie bowls. You know, the ridiculously photogenic ones that populate your Instagram feed every morning? But now bowls are branching out to claim lunch and dinner too, and they’re making a savoury appearance on healthy-leaning restaurant menus, going by the name of grain bowls, macro bowls, veggie bowls and more. Here’s one of our favourite smoothie bowl recipe: Berry Breakfast Bowl 


2. Super Trend Alert – Athleisure

You already know that more women are ditching their Levi’s for Lycra. Workout clothes constantly outpace denim, but in 2016, we expect athleisure (a combination of “athletic” and “leisure”) to become a super trend, stretching its street-style Spandex offerings into every corner of everyday life. Get your hands on some of these trendy athleisure items from the following stores:

adidas | moveprettyLorna Jane H&M | Cotton On


3. Intensive Fitness Programs Become Super Hot

Fitness reboots aren’t just for January resolutions. Intense fitness programs, which incorporate additional lifestyle elements such as nutrition and health coaching, are getting more popular as a way to ramp up and recommit to health and fitness, with the added gratification of achieving measureable results.

Popular high intensity fitness programs include SWEAT 1000, Barre Body, Mojo Boxing and Crossfit. In addition to tools for healthier living, these programs also provide the support and accountability that helps people create healthier habits, which is what makes this a hit far beyond the month of January.


 4. Meet Matcha

Matcha (a Japanese green tea that’s in powder form and is whisked into hot water or milk) is becoming a trendy new staple in coffee shops and homes. Matcha is packed with antioxidants, boosts metabolism, burns calories and is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins! It’s an all round super food that is becoming extremely trendy on the international front but slowly making its way down south!

Buy Matcha online: teapigs Africa


5. Lynotherapy – taking massage and physiotherapy to new heights

Lynotherapy, also known as Myofascial release (or MFR) is an alternative medicine therapy that releases tightness and pain throughout the body. A specific massage technique is used that breaks down the fascia, which is a thin elastic type of connective tissue that covers most structures within the human body, including muscle. Lynotherapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing tension and contracted muscles.

Book your session with Sue Frost at White Lotus Studio in Cape Town:


7. Going Nutty

More people are drinking nut milks and including raw nuts into their diets than ever before. You could say nut milks are now getting the attention that cold-pressed juices were getting seven years ago. Our local ButtaNutt brand hand crafts a series of authentic tree nut butters using natural and organic ingredients. Just add to your breakfast bowl or midday smoothie for that extra protein kick.


8. The Kayla Effect

There’s a new kind of fitness celebrity: the kind born on Instagram, and who has millions of followers tracking their every healthy move. While you once needed to have a TV network behind you or buzzy fitness studios to become a household name, now all you need is access to the internet and the ability to make an old-school PDF.

Four million-plus fit-fanatics follow Kayla Itsines and her “personal training journey,” download Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide.


9. Kombucha – The New Coconut Water

Fermented foods are so 2016! As it becomes clear that our gut bacteria (being increasingly recognised as key to health), could benefit if we add fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kefir (fermented milk) and miso paste, to our diets. Indeed, Kombucha (pronounced kom-boo-ka), a sparkling drink made by fermenting black or green tea with bacteria and yeast is fast-replacing coconut water! So drink up!

Where to buy this: Try Sexy Food on Bree Street or Wellness Warehouse.


 10. It Takes Two To Tango 

Working out with a partner/friend not only makes your gym session go faster, but also motivates you to get there in the first place! Try partner up with someone on your level or maybe even a little stronger to give you that extra push. Find an exercise regime that incorporates both cardio and weights and make sure you stick to it. Have some sort of penalty in place incase either of you try to bail!


11. Secret Sunrise:

There’s been loads of research that music and sound has the ability to influence and even alter our emotions. So with No Danger Diaries silent disco concept, you’ll start your morning off by watching the sunrise and jamming to some sweet beats, leaving you with an infectious smile on your face the entire day! Wireless headphones are supplied with a DJ playing some awesome tracks at a secret location that is only revealed a few days before. A combo of stretches, aerobics and dancing are just a few things you’ll be doing while enjoying the warm rays of the sun.

Join in for the next Secret Sunrise event here.

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